Top 5 WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery email plugins
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5 best WooCommerce abandoned cart plugins for email recovery9 min read


So gear up your sales with WooCommerce abandoned cart plugins for email recovery.

If you are dealing with abandoned carts and striving hard to get a solution then go ahead or even otherwise you can have an interesting read up.

Why do customers add products to their carts?

When customers actually like a product and are almost ready to buy it they add it to their shopping cart.

Why do customers abandon carts?

Primarily with a focus on cost, like the reasons below;

  • Waiting for the prices to drop
  • Waiting for free shipping
  • Waiting to get gifts or coupons

Secondarily, they might be waiting to gather enough money, thinking of buying it later at the same time would not like to miss the product or even holding on this till they figure out a better similar one. 

There can also be tertiary reasons like 

  • a glitch in the application or payment mode
  • security concerns related to payment and data 
  • hassle in return, etc., 

Moreover, they also tend to forget what they wanted to buy. So, it is always recommended to have an eye on the cart as well as the customerś shopping behavior and figure out the most probable reasons for cart abandonment.

Why save abandoned carts?

Where there is a business potential there is a technology being developed to make use of it. So in simple words “Abandoned carts are considered to be the gold laying hens”. And now get ready to go with the right WooCommerce abandoned cart plugins to get them.

Now, Why and How do you communicate regarding this? 

¨Why¨ because customers add products which they liked very much here the word “like” signifies an increased probability of those customers buying your product. So, be smart to market them to the most probable consumer. 

¨How¨ is through an irresistible personalized message.

Why use email plugins for cart recovery?

The best way to recover abandoned carts would be through emails because

  • An email will never be lost while scrolling like social media feeds
  • Emails could be less annoying like interrupting pop-up advertisements
  • Emails can mostly not go unattended or blocked, unlike phone calls or text messages 

Also, data suggest that people do check emails at least twice a day so thereby chances of it being unnoticed are feeble. Further, you are fetching email addresses that have got powerful communication potential. You are also making your customers give it out of their own will. You can proofread your email copy with any grammar and punctuation checker tools before hitting the send button.

Now coming to the top best WooCommerce abandoned cart plugins discussed below.

Best WooCommerce abandoned cart plugins for email recovery

1. Retainful

Free software that increases your sales with a targeted marketing strategy helps to recover your abandoned cart

It not just sends reminders but also drives your potential customers and make them your loyal ones by surprising them with next order coupons.

Cart capture and Lead generation

As soon as a user starts using the cart the plugin starts capturing the cart status thereby enabling Lead generation by holding on to potential customers.  

Automated Abandoned cart recovery

It helps you with lost sales recovery with automated emails sent at regular time intervals and stops sending as soon as the cart is recovered.

Drip email reminders

You can set up a number of Sequential email reminders to facilitate efficient abandoned cart recovery. Here you can experiment with the number and timings for which the recovery works the best.

Coupon and timer alert!

Customers would love to have a better deal. So, do incentivize the customer for the lead generating email Id with customized coupons. Coupons can be provided with timers and reminder emails as an urgency marketing strategy.

Next order coupons

There will be an obvious growth in your business if you keep your customers happy. So, retain your loyal customers with Next order coupons and customize them for specific products, price ranges and lot more.

Analytics and report

Reports, stats, and analyses will provide key pieces of information to develop your business and this plugin facilitates us with easily understandable results.

Recovered lost sales stats

Can easily compare Abandoned Order Value and the Recovered Order Value.

Realtime carts

Not just stopping with stats and ratios of the improvement in your WooCommerce store it also helps you track real-time cart status. 

Supported platforms

Retainful supports two types of eCommerce platforms currently which include WooCommerce and Shopify with plans to integrate with Shopify Plus, BigCommerce, Volusion, and Magento.

The Pro version

There are added features like the following

  • Add to Cart popup feature to capture guest customer email addresses 
  • Premium email templates
  • Additional customizable options with Next order coupons to retain customers
  • Premium support 
  • We can run features for a certain number of websites 

Billing and payments

Upgradation and payment for the pro version are very easy and can be done through the plugin dashboard billing option

Is the free version available forever?

Allows continued usage of free version with limited features.

2. CampaignRabbit

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Here is a good service that helps reduce cart abandonment.

When you are looking for an integrated one that integrates with e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce and Shopify, Campaignrabbit is one of the best.

Take a look into some unique marketing strategies which you can experiment with to double up your business. 

Automated Abandoned cart recovery

It helps you with lost sales recovery with automated emails sent at regular time intervals.

An Easy way of email generation

Emails can be easily generated using drag and drop visual builder so that no coding knowledge is required.

Email marketing Vs Email campaigning

In addition to sending a regular reminder email if also facilitates campaign emails for introducing new and similar products would be great and CampaignRabbit offers you this added advantage.

Pop-ups are Annoying?

No, they are really not; provided it is what customers are interested in. This is how you turn your visitors into customers based on their shopping behavior like what sort of products do they show interest in, their price range and much more.

Personalized advertisements

While one side of the world is moving towards automation the other side is moving towards personalization. There is this amazing strategy called ´Segmentation´ used in CampaignRabbit where you can categorize your customers based on their purchase behavior.

Follow up emails

This facilitates more comments and suggestions to improve your business. 

Billing and payments

Payment is very easy and supports multiple payment gateways. Also, payments are transparent and increase as your customers increase Just start paying $14 as you grow beyond 100 customers.

Is the free version available?

The free version can be used when you have a user number below 100. 

3. Save Abandoned Carts

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Save Abandoned carts plugin is a free abandoned cart email plugin that is highly user-friendly and secured. Especially this does not slow down your process because it is a lightweight plugin that optimally satisfies the user requirements. So make sure whether all of your requirements will be covered.

It has the following features in the free basic version.

  • capturing the cart status of registered users
  • there is a feature that captures unregistered users using the Exit Intent popup option. This enables guest users to update carts and captures them.
  • Instant capturing of checkout fields of guest users even before submission so data entered will not be lost or will be needed to reenter.

It has the following features in the paid version.

  • Certain features work on mobile devices 
  • Premium Email notification
  • Additional Domain usage
  • Integrated with MailChimp
  • Premium support
  • Cart status tracking

Please note that uninstallation leads to clearing up or deletion of all the data, the plugin comes with limited customizable features. 

There can be certain features that can be improved like price transparency, affordability and page navigation.

4. Abandoned Cart Lite for WooCommerce

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Abandoned Cart Lite for WooCommerce is one of the best WooCommerce abandoned cart plugins and highly powerful plugin with a humungous amount of customizable features even with the free basic version as listed below.

  • Starts sending recovery emails from one hour since cart abandonment and stops as soon as it is recovered.
  • One default email template which is customizable with HTML codes using Rich Text Editor.
  • Captures guest cart only during checkout
  • Identifies abandoned order information, export abandoned order Vs recovered order ratio and email notification per recovery which cannot be exported.

There are attractive features specific to the pro version which are discussed below.

  • Add to Cart Popup Modal, where the user can decide if the customers should provide an email address as they start using the cart or can they continue as a guest.
  • Three default email templates with variables and a facility to track expired coupons and so on. 
  • The product report can be exported.
  • Segmentation with different email templates for different types of customers and custom mailing lists.

Though this product has great potential for more personalized approaches. It comes with certain limitations like difficulty with upgradations, lack of pricing transparency, more frequent up-gradation advertisements, certain small bugs, and pretty expensive pro version.

5. Cart recovery for WordPress

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This is an easy to use open-source WordPress cart recovery email plugin. 

In the free basic version, it has the following features

  • Compatible with multiple tools which means the plugin will automatically detect the system you are using and connects up.
  • Tracks customer details entered only during checkout. 
  • It generates an automated default email template with all other necessary data that are editable. 
  • Tracks abandoned carts stats and enable viewing but not exporting them in an easy to use graphical representation. 

Though certain customizable features are available only in the pro version pricing is moderate and the add-on features are mentioned below; 

  • Add to cart email capture enabling users to enter their email address as soon as the cart usage begins. 
  • Multiple email campaigns, facilitating a user-defined number and timings for emails. 
  • Detailed cart visibility and history which can be exported. 
  • Unique discount code generation facility, where users can generate personalized discount coupons.

Concluding remarks

A personalized message which makes customers click on it with a satisfying offer that will retain your customer with a warning that we are in short of the product is going to work the best.

As you come across the ´n´ number of plugins, their attractive features and limitations you will think about various factors like cost-effectiveness, customizing options, customer support and so on. I would recommend you to prioritize the one which allows you to experiment with various marketing strategies, gives you the business insights, transparent pricing along with your other prioritized factors. 

So just do not stop with automation but get to improve and work out with your best business strategies.

Do comment and share your user experiences. We would be pleased to extend our service and customer support for our WooCommerce abandoned cart plugins. 

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