On Page SEO checklist in 2019 [Ultimate Guide] | Rank without backlinks

Hey Future Bloggers! Today I am going to solve your big problem. The problem is how to do proper On page SEO? Every blog and website needs the traffic to grow their business or brand. Google is the primary source to drive traffic and grow online. To drive traffic from Google or from any other search engines is known as White Hat SEO, which is the best form of SEO and On page SEO play a significant role in White Hat SEO.

What many newbies ask the Question! They ask that, Is there any other method to rank on the top without creating any Backlinks? Because creating quality backlinks is very hard for new bloggers in such a big competition.

So I am going to share with you, complete on-page SEO checklist from which you can rank on #1 without creating any backlinks.

What does On Page SEO mean?

Before starting any type of website or any kind of blog you must know about SEO.

Future Bloggers! You know the factors of SEO in Google algorithm can be divided into two categories.

  • On Page SEO
  • Off Page SEO

You know! On Page SEO plays a big role to rank higher and higher.

On-page SEO is the practice of optimizing individual web pages, On-Page SEO refers to both the content and HTML source code of a page that can be optimized.

Complete SEO checklist that will help you to rank higher in 2019

on page seo checklist
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1: keyword Researching 

Before start writing on any topic, you must have to do keyword researching. You know it well if you are familiar with Marketing.

One of the best tools to do keyword researching is ubersuggest.

keyword finder ubersuggest-on page seo
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It includes all features that need of a beginner.

If you are a beginner you can work on the keywords with difficulty under 15 or 20.

2: What others are writing?

Friends, That’s not enough that you only find the best keyword and start writing on it!

But you have to do proper research on it.

Tips to do manual researching

Let suppose you select your primary keyword, “what is blogging”.

Now you have to do proper researching on that keyword. What you have to do? You have to go on google and search for “What is blogging”

researching on google
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Now open at least top 5 pages and try to understand,

  1. what strategies they are using to rank on top 5.
  2. What type of content they are providing.
  3. How long they are writing.
  4. Numbers of images.
  5. Numbers of Outbound links and inner links.
  6. Any video used?
  7. Page authority and Domain authority.

After all that let’s try to write better than others. And 100% sure, you will rank. 🙂

3: Add Keyword in your SEO title and Slug

Before writing your post must edit your Url and the heading.

Slug (URL) must contain the only keyword, not date and all that.

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  • mysite.com/on-page-seo (correct)
  • mysite.com/blog/30/5/2019/on-page-seo/page/5 (wrong)

Your heading will be attractive if anyone sees it in results, will click. Use your targetted keyword at the beginning of the title.

4: Maintain Your SEO Description

If you are a WordPress user, it will be very easy for you with the help of Yoast SEO Plugin to maintain your SEO title and description with its help.

maintain SEO title and description
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Use your targetted keywords in Meta description. keep remembering that the bar must have to be green.

5: Use keyword under the first 150 words

After doing that, now come to write the Content. During writing make sure you have to use your targetted keyword in the first 150 words and bold it. Also, keep maintaining your targetted keyword Density during writing a post, it will also help to rank higher. 🙂

6: Create Attractive Images and thumbnails!

You are thinking that, Hey! Usman but why? We can also use images which are already available on the Internet!

No, Bloggers! That will not good for you.

Then what you have to do?

You have to make your own images and thumbnails. Maybe you are thinking, Hey Usman! What are you telling Bro! That’s will hard to make! Yeh Am I Right!

But! You can make it very easy.

Let’s see, In this video, I am making my own thumbnail for this blog post ”On Page SEO checklist in 2019 [Ultimate Guide] | Rank without backlinks”

Just go to Canva and login there. Click on Custom Button and select your custom size for your thumbnail or photo, and thus create your own attractive thumbnails.

If I tell you about thumbnail size which I am using in my post is 560*315. Because to make thumbnails which is shareable on Social Media is necessary for you. 560*315 will be best for you.

thumbnail Example
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thumbnail Example

As you can see, this thumbnail is looking cool on my FB Group.

thumbnail Example
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thumbnail Example


And what do you think about this? Must write in Comment below! 🙂

Definitely, you all are thinking that Oh! Usman that is not looking cool! And maybe you will not click on the link. Am I Right!

And I tried it experimentally, that the Posts with good thumbnails attract the users to read the full blog post.

That’s the difference that you must have to create attractive images and thumbnails

Must Read: Create thumbnail with best thumbnail maker Canva

7: Use the keyword in images (ALT tag)

Now when there is need to add image, use your targetted Keyword in the ‘ALT’ tag of images, it will help Search Engines to understand the images.

on page seo checklist 2019
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use the targetted keyword in the image Alt tag

8: Write good Content | Try to write descriptive

If you are a beginner you should have to write detailed content.

Your content must be greater than 1500 words, try to write all in detail. And If you can! try to write more than 2000 words and less than 2500. That’s it.

One thing, you should have to remember during writing your blog post that, don’t write boring content, always try to write something interesting.

Maybe you are thinking that, Oh No! I am a beginner and I can’t write in detailed, because I also don’t have much more knowledge about English.

No Bloggers, Don’t think like that! You can! and I am also doing 🙂

You know I ‘m also weak in Grammer. Then How we can increase our writing skills?

Just Follow the following steps:

  • Try not to write like a professional in the beginning.
  • Write content as you are talking with your best friend. Make a simple post for ordinary peoples.
  • Write simple words, that anyone can easily understand.
  • Before writing must read other posts related to the topic. Especially read articles on Wikipedia.
  • If you are WordPress user, then follow Yoast SEO plugin Readability Analyzer. It will help you to write in a better way.

If you are committing grammatical and Spelling mistakes, then it could be bad for you.

But don’t worry bloggers! use Grammarly extension for better writing.

9: Enhancing Page Loading speed| Make it mobile friendly

Make it Mobile Friendly,

According to Google, more peoples search on mobile rather than Pc/Laptop.

Making your Blog/Website mobile friendly will definitely help in SEO.

mobile friendly - on page seo checklist
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How to check, My Blog is mobile friendly?

It’s simple just go to Google Mobile-Friendly Testand enter your Url. It will show you all.

mobile friendly test-on page seo
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Enhancing Page Loading speed

You Know! enhancing loading speed, more chance to rank higher!

Page speed is the first thing which I would like to consider after posting my new post. The faster will be page loading speed, the better will be indexing opportunities.

Page speed depends upon many factors like,

  • Hosting
  • Theme
  • Plugins(Code)
  • Size of images and videos
  • Size of page & etc

How to Enhance page loading speed?

  1. Try the best Hosting and best hosting Plans for your blog.
  2. Use Light weight themes. You can even use free themes!
  3. Install only those plugins, which are useful for you.
  4. Try to reduce the size of images or videos. You can use Regenerate Thumbnail for this.

How to check the speed of my Blog?

Now, How to check your blog performance?

For this, you can use,

  • Google Page Speed
  • GTmetrix
  • Webpagetest.org
  • Pingdom Tools

I personally use Google Page Speed to check my blog performance. Simply, paste your blog Url there, and it will show all the results.

speed checker- on page seo checklist 2019
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10: Focus on Readability

The main thing is also a readability analysis of your blog. This will decide how long will the users read your blog post, and it also helps to rank#1.

Hm! Want to make your blog readable. To make it readable you have to follow these points,

  1. Distribute your blog in Subheadings.
  2. Don’t write any paragraph greater than 150 words.
  3. Don’t write big sentences.
  4. Use passive voice also.
  5. Also, use bullet list or number list in your blog.

11: Use SSL Certificate

use ssl for better SEO
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Nowadays Google is ranking those pages only which has an SSL certificate. To rank on #1 in 2019, you must have your SSL certificate for your blog.

12: Creating a shareable resource

You can viral your post by adding share buttons after your post.

I personally use social Snap for TechyLearners blog.

13: User-Friendly Layout

You know! The user-friendly layout is important.

Keep your design simple and easy to understand and Keep less confusing stuff on the sidebar.

Use an attractive logo and images in your blog so that everyone could perceive your blog as a brand.

14: Try to add FAQs Section after blog post

One another thing you can do to write an amazing blog post is adding FAQs section about your post.

on page seo
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You can find the best FAQs for your blog post from Quora.


Congratulate! you are now ready to write an amazing blog post.

Lastly, I only want to say you that, follow these guidelines. No one can beat you in On page SEO. It’s very easy not so difficult. And the easiest way to rank#1.

Any question about SEO Checklist? feel free to contact me.

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FAQs about “On Page SEO checklist in 2019”

Q: What are some best on-page SEO techniques?

A: Wants to know the best on-page SEO techniques from the above checklist!

Following are the top 3 techniques, on which you have to must focus to rank higher

  1. Content Lenght and grammatical mistakes.
  2. Maintain SEO description, title, and slug. This will help you to rank higher and higher.
  3. Size of pages and loading time.

Q: What are some tips for improving the speed of a WordPress site?

A: It is one of the big problems for newbies. To improve the speed of WordPress site, Download the following plugins, and focus on the size of pages.

  • Wp Rocket
  • Regenerate thumbnails
  • Wp super cache
  • Auto Optimize
  • Use CDN by Cloudflare

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Q: What is the trending SEO technique in 2019?

A: Building audience is another trending SEO tip in 2019. Keep the focus on building your audience. 🙂

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  1. Hello Muhammad Usman,

    On Page SEO is an important ranking factor. You have explained them all very well. We can rank websites without any backlinks provided we do the On-Page SEO well.

    Thanks for sharing.

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