Increase traffic on blog by 10K visitors | 25 killer tricks

How to increase traffic on blog traffic is a topic that basically all bloggers should learn more about. Not getting any traffic on your blog! So, Sad. Ok, don’t worry bloggers try these 25 killer tricks to get more and more traffic to your blog.

Many of you not getting traffic organically, and maybe you are thinking to quit blogging. But wait!

Read this full post, I hope this will be helpful to you.

You know, getting traffic organically is not a simple task. You have to do many things to get traffic from Google, Bing, Yahoo or other search engines.

But how you can get more traffic to your blog within a month?

Generating traffic to your blog is difficult but not much more. Blog traffic will not grow instantly because SEO takes time. By applying these techniques you can drive more than 10,000 visitors per month.

Let’s dive into the topic!


25 killer strategies to Increase traffic on the blog by 10K visitors

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1. Learn & apply the SEO basics to your Blog

Learning SEO is very necessary for you if you are looking to start blogging, build your website or want to generate more traffic to your blog.

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Bloggers! You know SEO is not difficult but it takes time. Because you have to build trust on Google. And you have to build the audience.

To rank #1 on Google or on any other search engine, you have to do proper,

  1. On Page SEO
  2. Off Page SEO

These two are very important if you are looking to rank higher and higher.

On-Page SEO

According to backlinko, we can rank our website by only doing on Page Optimization.

On-page SEO is more important than Off-Page.

Agree or not! Must write in comments.

To drive more traffic to your blog you must have to do proper On Page SEO.

On Page SEO in short:

  • Use your keywords in the first paragraph.
  • Maintain keyword density.
  • Use the keyword in Slug, meta description, title and in headlines.
  • Write quality content. Write long Content, more than 1,000 words.
  • Maintain readability of your post.
  • Write friendly articles.
  • Optimize page loading time.
  • Give internal and outer links.

want to know more about On-Page SEO! Must read,

On Page SEO checklist in 2019 [Ultimate Guide] | Rank without backlinks

Off Page SEO

Off-page, SEO is the best way from which you can increase your traffic.

After On Page, Off Page is an important factor to rank on the top.

Off Page SEO in short:

There are many factors of page SEO. Here we will discuss the some.

1: Link Building

Link building is very important if you want to rank on #1. But always remember, you have to only create quality backlinks.

There are many ways to build quality backlinks for your blog.

  • Blog Directories
  • Forum signatures
  • Article directories
  • Shared content directories

2: Blog Promotion

Blog promotion is another type of Off Page SEO. You can drive a bunch of traffic from Facebook, Reddit or etc by promoting your blog. You can also join groups on Facebook that will allow you to promote your blog.

3: Branding yourself

To rank higher you have to build trust on Google. If your branding yourself it helps you to build trust toward your people.

Tips to branding yourself

  • Understand your audience.
  • Always tell the truth.
  • Guide all your audience in a good manner.
  • Talk to your audience as a friend.
  • Solve issues of people and help them to grow faster, it will produce more engagement.

2. Optimize your pages

Bloggers you know! You can get more visitors by optimizing your pages.

Reduce the size of your pages and optimize them to load faster.

Definitely when your site loads faster, the users engage with your site for a long period. It will help to reduce the bounce rate and to rank higher.

For better ranking, loading time must be less than 3s.

You can easily check your site performance on Google page speed.

3. Focus on long tail keywords

Focus Long-Tail Keywords-increase blog traffic
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Are you tired of trying to rank on #1?

Use Long-tail keywords, it will boost your ranking.

What are long-tail keywords?

Friends! You know there are two types of keywords.

  1. Head Keyword
  2. Long-tail keyword

Long-tail keywords are consists of three or more phrases (it consist of more words). We can say Long-tail keyword is the subtopic of Head keyword.

Why you should focus on Long-tail keywords?

There is less content on the web about Long-tail keywords because fewer people have written about them.

Fewer people search means! Less competition. Got it!!! 

In such a way, long-tail keywords can drive thousands of traffic to your blog. And can help you to grow your business more fastly.

Now the question may be in your mind that,

How to find long tail keywords

It’s very easy. You can search best long-tail keywords for free by these methods.

By Auto-complete in the Search bar

long-tail keywords- get more traffic
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Let’s see this image, here I search for ‘SEO tools’ which is head keyword and Google is showing many long-tail keywords regarding SEO tools, like ‘SEO tools for bloggers’, ‘SEO tools for WordPress’ and etc.

In that way, you can easily search long-tail keywords for free with high volume and low competition. ?

Long-tail keywords ideas from People also ask

long-tail keywords ideas
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You can also get keywords ideas from this section appears in Google Search Results.

Long-tail keywords ideas from Searches related to 

long-tail keywords - get more traffic
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The 3rd method to get keywords ideas is ‘Search related to’ box after the search results in the Google you can also get ideas of Long-tail keywords from here.

4. write long Blog posts 

Yeah! Bloggers, maybe you are thinking that, Hey, Usman! How we can get more traffic by doing this.

Yes, that is the trick you should have to follow. And maybe you don’t know, that by doing this you can rank #1 on Google.

Always write more than your competitors. Try to write more than 1000 or 1500 words, and if you are a beginner I recommend you to write more than 2000 words. That’s it.

By doing this you can rank higher and higher. ?

Facing Problem in writing long content?

No skills in writing amazing content! Want to write better!

Follow these steps,

  • Before writing on any topic first, check what your competitors write about it. What strategies they are using to rank on top 10 or 20. Numbers of images, videos and internal linkings they use in their blog post. After doing this manual researching try to write better than others.
  • Before writing on any topic first read about that. Read topics on Wikipedia before writing any post. Read other bloggers Post Who is ranking higher than you. Let’s suppose my niche is Blogging, so I should have to follow Pro bloggers like Harsh, Neil, and wpbeginner.
  • Don’t try to be extra professional. Try to write in simple words, in such a way ordinary people will easily understand.
  • Want’s to write an amazing blog post! Must Read How to write a good blog post? | Ultimate guide

5. work on a particular niche

I recommend you to work on a particular niche (topic).

Choose only those niche, in which you have an interest.

I am interested in blogging and earning money, so my blog niche is related to blogging. Because I spend a lot of time in getting knowledge about Blogging, and now I am able to solve all queries regarding blogging.

It will build your audience more fastly and will help you to grow more.

What are the other advantages to work on a particular niche!

  •  Keep You On Track
  • Give You A Reliable Audience
  • Make It Easier To Monetize Your Blog
  • Expand Your Own Knowledge

Facing trouble in choosing your niche?

Read this post :

6. Write more and more

Don’t tired after writing 5 or 10 posts. Write more and more continuously. Once you have written at least 40 posts, then check your ranking on the search result and try to make it better by building links or doing guest postings.

7. Make Your Content Readable

Yes, Bloggers! The other thing you should have to consider is the content readability.

This will decide how long will the user engaged with your content.

how to write a good blog post
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How I can make my Content Readable?

  1. Write in simple words so ordinary people can easily understand what are you talking.
  2. Does not write more than 150 words in a paragraph.
  3. Add Bullet and number list in your blog post.
  4. Include informative videos and pictures also.
  5. Use more Sub-headings.
  6. Emojis in your blog post will make your content more attractive.
  7. Ask questions in your blog post to create more engagement.

8. Increase traffic on the blog by writing Shareable content

Make your content shareable in such a way you can get a Ton of traffic from Social media.

Add Social buttons before or after your blog post it will help you to promote your post in all around the world.

get more traffic with social share
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I am using the Social Snap Wp plugin for Social Sharing.

Don’t forget to add buttons of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and etc.

You can get more share if your content is valuable and attractive.

9. Promote by email marketing

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You know email marketing can bring a Ton of traffic to your blog.

You can bring thousands of visitors to your blog by collecting e-mails and send them an update about your blog.

Email marketing is very simple and important for your business or brand. After creating your blog, email collecting is an important thing you should have to do.

For email sending and collecting mailing list, I use MailChimp in my blog.

Steps to promoting your Blog with E-mail marketing

  1. Select the best tool for sending and collecting emails.
  2. Create your first campaign.
  3. Generate more traffic to your blog.

10. Write guest posts on other blogs

Writing guest posts will definitely boost your traffic and ranking.

Write Guest posts on other blogs and get a Ton of traffic from there. You can also do Guest postings on TechyLearners. Just read the rules and start submitting your posts.

How you can drive traffic by guest postings on others blog!

Just do guest posting and add your blog Url in the blog post. When the users click on the link the comes to your blog. In such a way you can generate more traffic ?.

Benefits of doing guest posting on others blog

  1. Quality Backlinks
  2. More traffic
  3. Generate more sales
  4. Increase page and domain authority
  5. Build Your Online Influence
  6. Improve your writing
  7. Knows what others think of you
  8. Build more engagement with people by helping them
  9. Sharpen your content marketing skills
  10. Grow your business or brand
  11. Grow your Social Media platforms

11. Get more traffic with Social media

Not getting much more traffic!

So Sad ?

But wait, bloggers! I have an amazing trick for you.

If you are a beginner, maybe you are not getting traffic organically, because SEO takes time. you have to build trust first, do work hard and build your audience to rank higher than your competitors.

But in starting you can get thousands of visitors to your blog with the help of Social media.


What you have to do?

Hmm, it’s very simple! just follow these steps.

  • Create a page and a group on Facebook.
  • Create profiles of your brand on top Social platforms.
  • Grow your audience.
  • Share tips, tricks, blog posts daily on Social platforms. At least 3 posts daily on each profile or page.
  • Guide other peoples to create attractions with them.

12. Use cache titles and headlines

Maybe you are thinking about why! Because it is a must for you.

What does it mean!

Cache titles and headlines mean, interesting and attractive titles, which will attract more users to read your blog post.

Bloggers, You know in the search results people will click those links which consist of attractive titles.

Yes, use Cache titles and headlines in your blog post to attract readers. By doing this your visitors will read your whole blog post.

Let’s see this example:

Before: 25 tricks to increase your visitors

After: Increase traffic on the blog by 10K visitors | 25 killer tricks

12. Include Photos in your blog post

Make your content more attractive by adding interesting pictures in your blog post.


“An image is better than a thousand words.”

Use your own customized images in your post it will help you to attract more readers.

But you are thinking that, How can we create this! that’s very hard.

No Bloggers it is very easy to create customized images.

13. Add videos in your post

You know! Videos generate 1200% more shares than text and images.

Add videos in your post will definitely help to rank #1.

By adding videos in your blog post your bounce rate will also decrease, and user attracts more and keep visiting your website again and again.

  • Video drives a 157% increase in organic traffic.
  • Videos on websites or blogs can increase traffic by up to 55%.
  • Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster.
NOTE: Don’t add too many videos! it maybe confuses readers.

14. Create attractive thumbnails and images

Maybe, Bloggers! You are thinking that why attractive thumbnails, Usman!

Yes, friends, it is important. I guess this with an experiment.

Let’s see this thumbnail

thumbnail Example
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What you are thinking about that post!

Definitely, you are thinking that, Hey! that’s not looking cool! you have to replace that!

Yes! am I right?

And what do you think about this thumbnail

thumbnail Example
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Of course! You are thinking that Yeah! it’s looking cool.

That’s the difference between thumbnails. And that is why I am telling you to use attractive thumbnails and images in your blog posts. It will attract more and more users towards your blog.

When you share your posts on Social platforms, users will attract towards your blog, If You use attractive thumbnail.

Facing Problems in making custom thumbnails and images for your Blog!

Watch this. 

15. Participate in Q&A Websites

Q&A websites are an effective way to connect more users and produce more and more engagement.

Bloggers! You know many people also earning money from Q&A websites.

How You can get more and more traffic from Q&A websites?

Hmm! Just write the answers, asked by peoples and link your blog/website. In such a way you can get a Ton of traffic.

In general term,

  1. Help others.
  2. Build relationships
  3. Add links of your product when answering any question.

Top 5 Q&A Platforms

  1. Quora
  2. StackOverflow
  3. Yahoo Answers
  4. StackExchange

But according to me, Quora is the best. I use it personally.

16. Answer on Quora

Want to get more traffic on your blog without doing SEO!

Yes, you can. Bloggers you know Quora is the biggest Q&A platform. I use Quora personally and recommend to all newbies.

Believe me or not. Many bloggers making money on Quora.

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Bloggers give the answers, asked by people on Quora and add some link of their Affiliate and make money.

Many bloggers are getting huge traffic from Quora.

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This is the image from Neil Patel’s blog. Now you can see the power of Quora.

How to get more traffic from your answers?

  • Add value in your answer
  • Answer in detail
  • Not add links in all answers
  • Write in ordinary words

What other benefits of answering on Quora

  • Quality backlinks
  • Building your business
  • Improve your writing
  • Knows what others think of you
  • More engagement

17. Get involved in Social Groups

You can generate more traffic by involving in Social Groups especially on FB Groups.

What you have to do?

  1. Join Groups
  2. Help other newbies to grow faster.
  3. Attract them towards yourself.

In such a way, people will attract towards yourself. Thus you will get a big quantity of audience.

18. Create groups and pages on social media

Groups and pages are the best ways to keep engagement with your audience.

Grow your Social media followers by helping them to grow.


  • Create Groups
  • Help other
  • Attract them
  • Tell them about your brand

How to get more and more audience!

Are you a beginner and want to increase your audience more fastly!

I have an amazing trick for you!

Just join some groups, go to the members here you can see all members list who are in the group.

Click on the profile of the members, open 50 to 100 profiles in the new tab.

Write an amazing message, to attract more users towards your page/group.

Message them one by one to join your group. Send a message at least to 1000 peoples. I hope 100 will accept your request.

This will only take only 1 to 2 hours from your precious time.

Let’s Checkout this. I wrote this message to attract more members.

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Note: By this trick, you can get an interesting base audience. This is a genuine way to grow faster.

19. Keep Your Blog Fresh | write at least one article per week

For getting more traffic on your blog, you must be active. Write at least one blog post per week. You must be constant related to your article. If you don’t provide content continuously, your users will be shifted towards other blogs.

If you are publishing one blog post weekly, share an old post on the daily bases to maintain engagement with your audience.

But I recommend you to write on a daily basis. This will obviously also help you to rank organically.

Because Google is smart ?. When Google sees you are struggling day and night, Google will obviously rank you higher than your competitors.

20. Internal Linking

Internal links are hyperlinks, that point at the same domain as the domain that the link exists on.

Yes, Bloggers! you can create more engagement by doing internal linking and can create more traffic.

21. Keep Your Website Design Clean | Use the best theme

You know to keep your website/blog simple, is very important for you. Because the users will only visit those sites which are simple and easy customize.

Use the best and light theme for your blog and try to make your layout Simple and easy. Believe me or not! You will get a Ton of traffic by doing this.

To keep your design clean, focus on the sidebar. Make your sidebar attractive and don’t add much more content on it.

Note: I am using GeneratePress WordPress theme for my blog. It is easy and simple to customize. It includes all the features that are your need.

22. Regularly Share Your Old Articles on Social Media

Let suppose you publish one blog post weekly. So that means you are not active on social media for 6 days!

Maybe you are thinking that, Heyman! What you want to say.

I am only telling you all to be active on social platforms daily. 3 Post at least one day on each Social platforms. If you can’t write one article daily, so share your old articles regularly, share tips and tricks that are related to your niche.

This will help you to interact with more audience and to grow your brand.

23. Ask your close contacts to share your post

Ask your close friends or relatives to share your articles. Ask them to add more users to your group.

24. Leave helpful comments on other blogs

Bloggers! I know you all have dreams to beat your competitors.

But how can you do it by commenting on your competitor’s blog?

It’s simple to drive more traffic through your comments. What you have to do! Write an interesting message to others blog, like this…

Hey XYZ! Nice article forever. I just read your whole blog post, and I glad to see such amazing knowledge forever. Keep it up.. Dear XYZ I also write this article on my blog, where I also add these points. Thanks for sharing! Best regards your fan…Muhammad Usman.

25. Invest in promotions

The last method I have for you is blog promotions. You can promote your blog for free or also by paying.

How You can promote your blog for free!

Are you looking to promote your blog without spending $0!

Hmm! Just join groups or pages. Make friends from there and ask them to promote for free. There are also many groups on facebook who can promote your blog or brand for free.

Believe me or not! I am also using this trick

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“It’s your Turn!”

Yeah! Bloggers, I tried all these techniques to my blog and I got great results. These methods are very easy and free. Try it and grow your traffic fastly.

Thank’s for reading.


FAQs about “Increase traffic on blog by 10K visitors | 25 killer tricks”


How can I grow my traffic?

You can increase your blog/website traffic by applying these strategies. These 25 are free and easy. And if you want to grow faster I recommend you all to use these all 25 tricks.


I want to increase the traffic of my blog on blogger, but how?

Using the blogger! Don’t worry you can try these tricks. This will sure 100% work.


Can we generate more sales?

Want to earn some money from your blog! If you want you must have traffic on your blog.


Why it is important to increase website/blog traffic?

Because it helps you to generate more sales and to build authority.

“Let me know”

If you like please rate this. I write this post for Ordinary peoples like you and me, everyone can easily understand the matter written in this post.Any problem regarding this! Feel free to contact me.Share it and leave your thoughts in the comments.

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️ Muhammad Usman Blogger by heart
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