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How to add 1000 members in Facebook group: my 12+ secrete strategies11 min read

Whatsapp techy mates! Hope you all are enjoying your career and happy with your passion. Facebook groups are one of the best ways to engage with more audience and to drive more traffic towards your blog. But don’t know about how to grow facebook group or how to add 1000 members in facebook group? Well, do not worry here we are going to discuss, How to get more members in facebook group or 1000 group members quickly.

Iā€™m talking about Facebook groups, that are now being used by 1 BILLION people each month. As you all know, Facebook has a significant number of audience. Facebook groups can be amazing brand-building tools, so its a great idea to create a FB group that will help you,

  • To engage with your audience
  • To promote your brand
  • To increase your sales
  • To build authority

Have you created your FB group?

You have done everything right! Your cover photo is looking crazy! you have set your group rules! and everything is correct!

But still, no rush of people to join your community, and you want to add 1000 group members quickly! Do not worry.

Just what you have to do! Create an audience based successful FB group by the following tricks and enjoy…


  • Help others
  • Create trust and engagement (at least five posts in a day)
  • Generate sales, Promote your services, e-books, Blog Posts, drive more traffic on your Site, etc. šŸ˜‰


Looking for the answer to “How to add 1000 members in facebook group!” I think you should read all the tips that are given.


SEO Friendly Group Name

When you create your group, there is the option of the Group Name. Make it SEO friendly to appear on the top of the search results. In such a way you can get 1000 group members quickly.

Let’s suppose, your group is about Blogging and Marketing, so first, do proper keyword research using the free tool UberSuggest.

You can see these two keywords (Blogging, Digital Marketing) has higher volume, so when you optimize your group name with these two keywords this will definitely boost your group rankings in the results and suggestions, that will help you to grow faster.

Let’s see how you can properly use these two keywords in your group name!

  • Blogging and Digital Marketing Pool
  • Learn Blogging and Digital Marketing | Grow Together
  • Killer Blogging & Marketing Tricks | Bloggers Mania


Also make your FB group description and Url fully SEO optimized, by adding targeted keywords in it. This will definitely help you to grow Facebook group.

Link your FB group & Page Together

Looking for the answer, “how to get more members in facebook group“, but you have not inked your FB page and group together! So sad :(.

What many people do a mistake? They do not link FB page and Group together, but by linking them you can engage with more members.

Let’s see how you can!

1: Go to your Facebook Page.

2: Click on the Settings and choose Template & tabs option.

Then scroll down and open settings of the groups, link your existing group or create a new one. And that’s it…

Find Perfect Audience For Your Group

How to promote your facebook group? How to get more members in your facebook group

Yeah! Promoting your group to the right people is most important. If you have only 100 members and they are interested in those topics that you are sharing, so that’s really cool. But! If you have 1000 members and no one is active then there is no advantage of this.

You must have to focus to reach out in the right people. And maybe you are thinking that Hey Man, that’s not cool! 1000 members in a month! So just keep in mind there is no hard work to get 1000 members in a month, but to get 100 interest base audience is harder than this.

Keep engaged with the post and continue reading… Here I shared my tricks on how to get more members in facebook group and grow the interest base audience.

Share Useful Information in Group

I have checked, that by sharing useful information your FB group will boost. Share Interesting tricks and facts daily in the form of a post to get more members in your facebook group.

I have checked, that by sharing useful information your FB group will boost. Share Interesting tricks and facts daily in the form of a post.

If I talk about myself so I daily share useful content in my group, as well as in other groups.

The tactic behind sharing content on other groups is that You can build brand and awareness among your audience, in such a way you can get more and more members and subscribers in your community.

Boost Facebook engagement

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You are not seeing as much engagement as you want! Still, you have the question that “how to get more members in your facebook group!”. Do you want to create more engagement that will boost your Facebook group! Do not worry I have discussed many ideas to create engagement.

Dear Pals, Do you know! Group engagement is one of the best ways to increase the members, convert all members into interest base audience & to drive more traffic on your blog that will help you to generate more sales and leads.

How to boost your facebook group engagements

Are you looking for “How to add 1000 members in facebook group fastly!” then you must have to apply these mind-blowing tricks.

Ask question:Ā 

I see many people that, they are boosting by asking questions (suggestions) to their audience. This is the best way that I use and like.

Here are a few examples of asking questions.

  • What plugin you are using for your WordPress blog back up!
  • What Secret Strategy you use or believe to rank higher than your competitors!
  • According to you, what trick should a newbie have to apply to beat its competitors that are ranking with the higher DA!

The following are the examples that, I have already asked in my group, and I also see the great difference of engagements in such kinds of posts.

Share Useful Content daily:

As we discussed above, to grow Facebook groups share useful posts in your group on a daily basis. In such a way you can add 1000 members in facebook group. Because it is also an important thing you should keep in your mind. Share at least 3 posts per day if you want to grow fastly.

Post Quotes:

By posting quotes you can get more likes. But! before posting first convert your post into attractive images, because images have the ability to get more likes than the text. šŸ™‚

Share your Fan’s Content:

I see many marketers and bloggers share their users’ s/fans’ content. That’s also one of the tricks to grow facebook members.

Use Polls:

Use polls from time to time to know what your members want and make sure you work on the winning opinions.

Read more about FB Engagement: The 2019 Ultimate Guide to Facebook Engagement

Respond to every post

Help others in your group, answer all the queries asking by the people. Share knowledge and appreciate them. In such a way your audience will convert into an interest base audience. And they will also start taking interest to post on your group.

Replace 404 pages with attractive group link

Before we are moving on let’s first discuss, What is 404 Page! 404 page is an error page, which means your requested domain name is correct but the provided path has no information (broken links). So when someone has written the correct domain but the wrong path, the 404 page will appear.

How you can take advantage of this!

Are you a WP user! WordPress also makes this easy for you to write your content in the 404 pages. Generally, 404 pages contain a simple text that “Oops! That page canā€™t be found.” but you can easily change this in your WP dashboard and can add 1000 members in facebook group within a month. šŸ™‚

Edit it and replace it with affiliate link/ FB Group or any other service which may attract the users.

Add a group link to your social media profile bios

Want to add 1000 members in facebook group! Did you know! It will help you to reach out to more people. Add a short Bio of you, your site, your groups, and pages. I am sure you will get benefit from it.

Try To Promote Your Group On Different Sites

That’s really one of the best tips according to me. Promote your group on different Social Media accounts and also on different sites. Especially whenever you answered on Quora, add a short bio about your group or link that you want to promote, like… Hey Pals! Any problem regarding this! Feel free to contact me at [], also join my premium FB group to keep updated with Blogging, and let’s grow together.

In such a way you can easily add 1000 members in facebook group fastly. This is one of the best methods which I often use.

Link to your FB Group In Your Site Header Or Nav

Add an attractive short description or animated link in the header or nav of your blog. This will attract more users and obviously, they will join your group and this will 99.99% helps you to add 1000 members in facebook group within a month.

Use an eye-catching graphic in your sidebar

Sidebar in your blog is the attractive place where you can add Affiliate products, Facebook Group or Page links. Create an eye-catching graphic in your blog’s sidebar.
Also, you can create a pop-up, that will attract all visitors to join your community, and helps you to add 1000 members in facebook group fastly.

Post contents that have the ability to go viral

Just keep in mind! Always post attractive and useful content in Fb group if you want to add 1000 members in facebook group fastly.

Keep posting attractive and useful information in the form of images videos and short content that have the potential to go viral.

Ask members to invite their friends

Ask your facebook group members to invite their friends to join your community. Also, contact with 2-3 pro bloggers or marketers to share your Facebook Group with their followers.

Believe me or not! If you will do this 99% sure your rankings and members will boost instantly within 24 hours.

Write posts that will engage your members

Keep updating your group members, whether it is about your group, your site or related to your personality.

Keep writing engaging posts, like the top 10 contributors of this week or members have joined our community last week (welcome post) or blog promotion day.

you can also tag your group members in your posts and comments. Ask your members to contribute daily in your group, and give gifts (in the form of the backlinks, plugins or theme) to the top 3 contributors of the months, believe me, or not in such a way you can add 1000 members in facebook group fastly.

Promote your Group

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Take participate in Facebook group promotions. Ask people to promote your group. Add the link of your group in your blog posts, guest posts and etc.

You can also run ads to promote your group but this will be a paid method. And also I will not recommend you.

My best strategy: How I Add More Members To My Facebook Group Fastly

Do you know! Updates from Facebook (Messenger) reach to more people as compared to Mail?

Yeah! If you are a marketer you know it well.

So what you have to do! you have to create an eye-catching message and send it to interested people in your niche. You can create like,

Hey Pals! I think you have some interest in ____. So join my community that will let you get experience in _____. Group link: []

Now after this open the member page of that group who has 1000+ members. Now let’s check out who is more active in the group and after that open at least 20 members’ profile and send that message immediately to them. You can send this message up to 50 people in a day, and I am sure at least 50 out of 10 will accept your this request. Follow this method every week one time, this will hardly take your 1 hour.

Do not send the message more than 50 people in a day. By doing this Facebook can block your profile permanently. šŸ™

One Thing More To Keep In Mind!

Never invite more members through invitation option on your FB group. This may reduce your boosting. Because by doing this Facebook will realize that, Hey! this person is only inviting its friends, no one requests him to join the community, so why to promote this!Ā In such a way maybe your group will disappear from the suggestions and on FB search.

Conclusion Remarks

I think you have got your answer about how to add 1000 members in facebook group. By applying these strategies, I am sure you can now grow facebook group fastly.

I have written this with the core of my heart only for you people by given my precious time. šŸ™‚

I think now you got the point that, “how to get more members in your facebook group“. So one thing for you all, share it, rate it and comment below, this will motivate me a lot.

Thanks… Cheers… Muhammad Usman

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