How do you make money off Instagram: 5 secrete tactics
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How do you make money off Instagram: 5 secrete tactics7 min read

Are you using Instagram! For several months or years? Unfortunately, not getting answers on “How do you make money off Instagram?

Oh Really! Can you earn money from Instagram? I think you should read this full post.

Well, Instagram is one of the most popular Social platforms, now used by millions of people. Since it gained 100 million monthly active users, so it’s no surprise that the brands are investing their money on Instagram to market their businesses online. Today Instagram ranks 7th on the top 15 social networking sites, up to 100 million unique monthly users, and over 300 million active people are posting videos, photos, and contents daily.

Now it’s time to take advantage of your Instagram profile.

How many followers do you have on your Instagram profile? Comment down… 🙂

how do you make money off instagram
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What Do You Need, before you make money off Instagram?

Yeah! Do you know that’s an essential step before making money off Instagram? But what you need to do! You need to attract more and more followers. You can easily do this by building your business Instagram account professionally.

Create your own business account:

There are two options, by which you can create Instagram accounts.

  • Personal account
  • Business account

However, I recommend you to go with a business account, as it has many great features.

Fill out your bio correctly:

Filling your bio is an essential step. You have to add your info, contact details, your posts’ category, with a couple of hashtags to ensure you’re easily findable by the right kind of followers.
+point: Add your site link, product links with two lines of description. Believe me or not, your conversation rate will increase instantly. In short, I can say that your bio section is the best place where you can market your products and services, and can get good results quickly, with the 60-80% conversation rate.

Post engaging content daily:

What many people make mistakes! They do not post eye-catching content. As a result, they failed to grow their followers.
No rush of followers! Means zero sales.
So post attractive info in the form of videos and content regularly. I am sure you will grow more quickly. Also, add the relevant hashtag that will help you to grow organically.

Create engagement with your Followers:

You can’t generate sales without attracting your audience towards your brand. What you have to do to create more engagement?

  1. Post regularly (Unique and eye-catching contents)
  2. Share your follower’s posts also.
  3. Solve their queries and help them to grow.
  4. Interact like a best mate.
  5. Answer to all comments and reply to all messages.

How do you make money off Instagram | Mine Secret Tricks

Hey pals! How do you make money off Instagram? Generally, there are three ways by which anybody can make money off Instagram.

  • As an affiliate marketer
  • By promoting brands
  • By selling own products or services
can you make money on instagram
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Do you know about a simple equation! More followers = more revenue. So let’s get started!

Generate Affiliate sales

You can generate affiliate sales from your Instagram profile by doing Affiliate marketing. When you promote someone’s products, so you will be paid for every sale that you will generate. It is so simple.

Just join brands affiliate, according to your topic, niche, and category. They will give you a specific URL to track your insights. And by promoting that link, you can earn on every sale (from $1 to $200+ on every purchase, based on the products you are selling).


It’s easy to join affiliate companies. Let’s suppose, if you can write short content or infographics on different mobile brands and models, then you should promote affiliate links of new mobile phones with a short review.

Similarly, you find many companies to work on different niches (Google it).

money from instagram
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Note: Make sure that you have to find only those affiliate networks, that can pay you the smart amount on every sale.

Sometime it will be easy to get approval, and in some cases, you must have a blog. By the way, there are many brands and networks that are offering affiliate commissions on every product. You can search on Google to find the best brands and affiliate networks to promote and get paid.

Promote the brands and services

When you cross up to 5k-10k followers, I am sure you will start getting the offers like,

Hey! I am the owner of the _____ brand/ We are running an Android application, So promote our brand/product. We will give you $50 for a single post, or we will pay you $100 for making a video on it!

earn money
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That’s called ‘Paid promotions.‘ And when you post this, your followers will download that app or purchase products from that brand. Because people have trust on you!

Do You know!

Companies and brands will give you money according to the engagement with your followers. So try to create more and more meetings.

Promote your own Products, Brand, Or Services:

Are you a freelancer, small agency owner or founder of any brand! I think you should use Instagram from today.

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Instagram is the best place where you can promote and market your products or brand. You can sale your paid courses, products, or services to your Instagram followers.

Get traffic directly on your website

Do you have your blog! Instagram is the best place to do ‘Personal branding’ and promote your content. Many people are driving thousands of unique visitors monthly on their blog from Instagram.

So when people come to your blog, they will click on Adsense links, maybe they will buy your affiliate products or will purchase your premium course from there!

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In short, you can drive traffic to your blog from Instagram and can promote your services to generate more sales! Thus you can make money off Instagram by doing this. 😉

Selling Instagram Accounts

Yeah, you can also sale your Instagram accounts. Create a brand new account, work 2-3 months on it. And grow your followers up to 5k.

I am sure brands, companies, or people will buy your account. You can generate $50-200 by selling each Instagram account. Sounds good! 🤔 Let me know in the comments.

From this method, you can generate $200 minimum per month quickly.

Keys to remember before making money off Instagram

How do you make money off Instagram quickly and smartly! You must have to be like a professional.

  • Never buy fake likes, because they will never take an interest in what you are giving, selling or providing to them.
  • Work on a particular niche (topic). In such a way you can gain a quality base audience with a lot of engagements.
  • Use tools to be like a pro. Edit your photos with pro tools like canva, check errors in your content with the best grammar and punctuation checker tools before posting, analyze your competitors, track your insights and performance and many more.

Conclusion remarks

Instagram is the most popular social media platform, especially God gifted for influencers, marketers, and small companies or agencies owners. However, you can take a great advantage from your Inta account. I think you have got your answer, “How do you make money off Instagram?” Let me know in the comment section if you like this post! Share it with your best mates, and let’s grow together.


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