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Google my business optimization 2020 | Ultimate guide6 min read

Are you small business owners? Wondering to grow your business online on Google map, and don’t know about google listing optimization! Do you know! You need to learn “How to optimize google my business”

You tried everything but you failed to grow up, now what?

You need the right optimization guide for google my business and listing, to rank higher on maps. If you will completely optimize your google business, I am sure your business will boom.

I have a perfect strategy to do google my business optimization, and I will share those all strategy in this article.

So let’s start.

Google my business optimization and website on-page optimization, both optimization strategies are quite similar.

But in Google map listing optimization, you have a more advanced future to specify your business details and location directly to your customers.

Before the optimization guide for google my business, I should give you a brief description of Google My Business.

What is Google My Business?

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Google my business is Google free tool for small business owners to grow their business on Google. This tool helps people to find any type of service and product in their area or city.

This tool is very useful for all small businesses because of Google’s survey, 7 out of 10 peoples search on Google when they want to buy anything from their area and cities, and 5 out 7 people are more likely to visit those shops, those they found on Google.

Google allows business owners to show their business accurate information to their customers such as opening time and close time, accurate shop address, phone number, website, and other previous customer reviews.

How to do Google my business optimization?

In this section, we are going to share with you the best strategy to google my business optimization that will boost your listing.

Use your primary Keyword in Title and Description

As I said above, Google My Business ranking factors are almost similar to the organic ranking factor (website ranking factor in Google search engine). Such as you used your primary keyword at the starting of your website Title as the same in Google My Business optimization.

You can use keyword research tools for this, like Ahrefs, SEMrush & LongTailPro.

Title length: 100 characters are allowed.

google my business description length: 750 characters are allowed in maps listing

Checkout: LongTailPro Black Friday deal

Select Right specific category and Business Timing

It is oneof the google my business ranking factors. Business category and Business opening and closing time are very important if you are looking for Google my business optimization. As of now, Google wants to show an accurate result to their users, so you should take advantage of these ranking factors.

Right category selection is very important than setting up business timing, because of Google always trigger your business listing on their business, if searcher query related to your selected business category of Google Maps Business listing.

Properly Select Your Business Address and Service Area

No matter, you are using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or any other platform for search, Google and also all of the other search engines are always show the result to the searcher based on their location, that’s why you should properly set up your address in business listing.

Advanced Tip: NAPW (Name, Address, Phone Number and Website URL) is the main ranking factor of Google my business listing and also other search engines listing, so when you add your business this information anywhere, this information should be same everywhere.

Your NAPW is counted as citations of your business if citation scores good and high then defiantly your Google my business listing will rank higher in Google maps on your Targeted all keywords.

Use Advance GMB Function [Messaging Tool & Publish post]

Google messaging tool is an advanced marketing tool, and it’s a very important tool for all businesses because lots of times people don’t want to direct call to you and are their chat option is not available then they skip your business listing and move to other business listings.

It’s 100% true, peoples are don’t want to call you and it’s confirmed by survey, they found 90% business leads come from text messages instead of phone calls.

You can easily activate the message tool in your business listing, follow the below steps!

  • Go to your google listing optimization dashboard
  • Left side widget, you will get message option
  • Click on that option, install Google My Business app in your mobile
  • Setup your automatically message, when someone texts you

Now we talk about another advance Google my business optimization, which is a Publish the post.

We all know, Google loves fresh and unique content and it is Google organic ranking factor, you should apply this ranking factor on Google Maps Listings.

You can publish a post in 4 formats.

  1. What’s New
  2. Event
  3. Offer
  4. Product

Main Google offers these 4 posts formats yet, you can publish any post according to your business and which types of service do you offer that time.

Advanced Tip: If your business listing is new then you have to publish daily different types of posts, because when you publish daily posts then you will get starting some post engagement, engagement will help you to get your sells and ranking, and engagement also ranking factor of Google.

Feel Free to Ask for Review and Respond their Reviews

Nowadays everyone reads a review about that product, which they want to buy from online or offline, and review is a major ranking factor of Google maps listing ranking. Reviews increase your business listing ranking and also your previous customer’s good reviews will help you to get more new customers very easily.

Advanced Tip: When you ask your customers for a review, that time you should tell them to use your brand name with your service. For example, if you provide IIT classic in your location, so you should tell to your previous customers to ask IIT classic with your brand name and location, because of Google also focus on reviews term, it means if someone uses your service keyword with your location then Google thought your perform very well on that location of IIT classic so Google will increase your ranking on that keywords.

Only review not convinced people to buy from you, but your responses to all reviews are increasing your sell. Let me show you a real-time case study.

According to the review tracker survey, peoples are more likely to visit those stores, those store owners responded to a negative review with a positive reply. It means no matter are reviews are positive or negative, you should respond to each and every review that you have in your business listing.

Let Me Know

I hope you are now able to do Google my business optimization, still, you have any questions regarding the optimization guide for google my business or google listing optimization, then feel free to ask me in the below comment box. I will give answer your entire question and try to solve your problem.

Thanks for reading this article. I think you have learned how to optimize google my business. If you like this article please share with friends and family and helps them to grow their small business online that will increase income. 🙂


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