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Difference between blog and website. What is blog?5 min read

Searching on the Internet is the second habit of most of us. For any kind of Information anything we want to purchase we go online and start searching for them. But many people still not know what is the website? What are the major difference between blog and website? How to start a blog or how to runs a website?

Want to start a blog or a website? What is best for you?

So in this post, we will gonna talk about the major differences between blogs and websites and their usage and benefits. Because before starting any blog or website you must know the difference between blog and website.

What is the blog?

A blog is basically a weblog that a blogger makes use of for chronological listing of blog posts. In the blog, the most recent post shows first while the oldest post shows letter.


A blog contains a huge amount of knowledge and information that relates according to the niche.

Unlike a website a blog can be managed by a person only he or she won’t need a team to work together. You can create your own blog right now and can earn money.

blog posts also have a comments section where users can respond to the article. Many blogs also have a subscription form where a new user can easily subscribe via email to get updates of the latest posts.

Blogs have social buttons to connect users to the social media platform that helps a blogger to grow more faster.

A blog is a great source to help other peoples to solve their problems and to generate some revenue also. With the help of blogs you can share your knowledge to others even they can ask questions from you and you can answer all of those questions.

The true purpose of a blog is to provide helpful, valuable, informative and interesting content that helps other people

Following are some popular examples of blogs are,

History Of Blogs

The term ‘Web Log’ was introduced during the late 90s later became ‘We Blog’ and finally ‘Blog’ at that time many people running their personal websites where they published their knowledge daily and their daily updates.

In 1999 a popular blogging website blogger.com was launched, In the same year, Word Press also introduced their first version. Now the Word Press is the most popular platform for blogging, around 75,000,000 websites are using WordPress right now. Blogger is also the best platform for blogging purpose.

Why do you need to start your blog?

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Blogging and Writing have actually become one of the most favorites hobbies of mine.

I recommend all of you to start a blog now.

How To Start A Blog In 2019 That Will Help You To Live Boss Free Life (Detailed Guide)

You can generate the best revenue from your blog. Following are the advantages of having a blog.

  • Blogging enables you to attract your audience online. By providing the quality knowledge to your audience you can attract people among yourself. You can promote your Brand or Yourself by doing blogging.
  • Blogging can create many opportunities for you. By doing blogging many people attract yourself. You can attend many conference people invite you to attend and speak.
  • Blogging enables you to be your own media company. You can share your story with the people.
  • The audience you attract through blogging may not only your audience but the may become your lovers or your partners.
  • You can also generate thousands of dollars with blogging through Adsense, affiliate marketing or etc.


What is Website?

Website is the platform to grow your business online if you have any store or any kind of business you are running you must have a website to grow in a better way.

A website is a collection of many pages that represents your brand, your services and etc.

A blog can be a part of a website, in the form of a separate page and linked to the homepage.

A website may have a Privacy Policy page of that company, Feedback Page, Testimonials, Contact page to get in touch and services/product that display what they have for the visitors.

Following are the popular examples of the website are,


Why you need to start a Website

The main question may in your mind that what you need a Blog or a Website? This depends upon the requirements.

Any kind of business you should have to start a website to engage your audience in a better way.

Running a store? you should have to create your website of E-Commerce. Running a state agency? must have your website to sell online and etc.

Its all based on your requirements that what you want.

Having a website is a must for your successful business.


If you have any brand, company or store you must have a website to promote it online. But if you have nothing but a vast of knowledge on any topic, I recommend you must create your own blog. You can live Boss free Life with the help of Blogging. Anything else you want to know about the difference between blog and website! Must write in comments.

In more general as you all know,

‘All apples are fruits but not all fruits are apples.’

So similarly we can say that,

‘All blogs are websites but not all websites are blogs.’

For any dought about this topic “difference between blog and website”please feel free to contact me.

—– Muhammad Usman Blogger By Hert —–




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