10 best blog niches in 2019 that make money & traffic

Hey Whatsup Bloggers? Hope you all are doing well and satisfied with your work. 🙂 To find the most profitable niche which will also fit for you is very hard. In this post, we will talk about 10 blog niches that make money and more traffic in the year 2019.

Want to start a blog? Because you here how amazing and profitable it is. You probably read popular blogs and wondering how they make money eh?

Before we start this topic, one important thing to remember,

Find a niche that you truly ♥ and you’ll find yourself in a great position. 

Choose only those niches in which you are expert, and you can teach others in a better way. Find only those topics in which you are interested and experienced to teach others.

After research on google, I found some profitable and best blog niche that will make you rich in 2019.

But one thing you should have to remember, select only those niches in which you have the interest and can help others in that field.

As I am a blogger and I love Blogging, SEO, Digital Marketing and I also like to earn money online.

I spend most of my time in researching all that. So now I am able to solve the queries of others with my blog in such fields.

Let’s suppose if someone searches on google about Difference between blog and website, and Google shows my site and when he or she will click the link, his all queries should be cleared by reading my post.

As you all are my friends, I want to give a piece of advice to you all that, “don’t get your hands dirty with any other niche in which you do not have an interest. Do blogging with your passions not for earning money.”

Let’s suppose if you are a doctor so you can create your own blog, in which you can give advice to ill people. If you have an interest in Science and computing so you can teach others with the help of your blog.

What is a Niche?

In simple words, we can say that ” a comfortable and suitable position in life” is called a niche.

In terms of blogging, you can say that a particular topic on which your whole blog composed.

For example, you love fashion so you can create your blog to give guidelines about new trending fashion.

Many people do this mistake in selecting a niche for their blog, that they start blogging in that industry which will give them more money.

But as a blogger, it is my responsibility to let you know the clear picture of the scene.

Why choosing a niche is important for the blog?

Selecting the best blog niche list is important for all bloggers. It is very important to attract the readers and audience towards yourself.

If you work on different topics, it may impact as bad expression towards your readers. And if you work on a particular niche than a user might attract towards your blog, and thus more engagement will be formed.

In more general,

Selecting a particular niche for your blog is the best way to increase your engagement with readers.

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Blog niches that make money in 2019 | Best blog niche ideas 

blog niches that make money
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After researching on google and competition analysis, I found more than 50 niches for blogging after that I took out 10 best lists and arranged them according to the competition.

Following are some profitable blog niche ideas for you given,

1: Health and Fitness

Health and fitness
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As the population of the world increasing day by day, there are many health and fitness problems were created.

To start the Health and Fitness blog may be the best idea for you. If you are interested so start it now otherwise, I recommend you to check out another niche.

Because Google is very serious about Health, many people are not giving true guidelines and selling products through affiliate marketing.


Google Adsense will be the best method to monetize your blog, you can also sell different medicines and products related to health and fitness. You can also write reviews of different products on your blog and ask them for some money.

2: Home Decor (Arts & Crafts)

home decor
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It is a big dream of all of us to decorate our home and keep it neat and clean.

Home decor will be the best niche for you if you have a little bit of interest in decoration. You can guide your audience on how to keep maintain and decorate the home.

You may help them to find ideas through which they can decorate their home with crafty items and spread positive vibes.

Also, you can guide people about the decoration of bedrooms, kitchen, drawing rooms and etc.

You can also share your ideas about how to make handy crafts, how to make crafts with waste material and etc.


If we talk about monetization, so Google Adsense will be one of the best methods.

You can also sell your hand made products online through your blog and can generate more revenue.

Amazon Affiliate program is also the best method to monetize your blog.

3: fashion

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Fashion! A large and competitive industry of blogging, that is why I listed it on 3rd.

If you are interested so you can start it now.

In the fashion blogging niche, you can give your advice to people that how to do fashion.

Like fashion in Party, fashion in wedding, fashion in ceremonies and etc.

But before started this just think and do research about it, because it is one of the most competitive industries of blogging.


You can generate thousands of dollar per month or even per day by the affiliate programs.

Also, you can monetize your blog with Adsense.

4: Gift ideas

gift ideas
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A quite good and best topic to start your dream blog.

Many people face the problem with gift ideas, you can give advice to them.

you know on any occasion, the most common gifts people send are mugs, photo frames, and bouquets that’s all, we don’t have options.

Share with others if you have some killer gift ideas and in that way, you can also generate some revenue.


You can earn money from your Gift ideas blog with the Amazon affiliate program, and also from Adsense.

5: Upcoming events

upcoming events
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Many of you keep waiting for new events every day. Are you also searching for upcoming events?

I am searching and I was disappointed by seeing that there were only some blogs which keep you updated about upcoming events.

So this is the best opportunity to aware you visitors and the audience about all Upcoming events, this week, this month and that year.


Looking for the monetization of your Upcoming events blog?

You can earn money from Google Adsense.

Also, you can generate thousands of dollars by creating a separate page in your blog in which you have to promote any Upcoming Festival or Event by targetting the audience of that area and ask to pay some money for this, you can also sell tickets with your blog.

6: News

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This is one of the habits of all of us to read the news.

In past years people purchased newspapers daily and read them, but now the internet also made this easy for us.

What we have to do? We have to only search on google and we got results. Am I right?

News will be the best blog niche that makes money in 2019, it’s the best idea for you if you are looking to start your own blog.

Share the latest and hot news with your audience to keep them updated about what is going on earth!

You can create your blog on any news topic, like technology news, political news and etc.


I think Google Adsense will be the best method to earn money from your News blog. If you have any other idea for the monetization, please comment your thoughts below.

7: Travel

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You know many people like to travel continuously.

Let’s suppose if today they were in Paris, so after two days they were in Malaysia, then in London and so on …

I know many peoples like this. If you know some people that love to travel so comment below.

To create Travel Blog is a great idea for you if you have an interest in traveling.


Monetize your Travel blog with Adsense will be the best idea for you. If you are looking for any another method, so selling tickets I thin will be best for you.

8: How to make money

make money
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Many of us are doing struggle to earn some money.

So if you have knowledge about how to earn money so you can easily share it with your audience through your blog and that’s also a big opportunity for you also to generate some revenue through your blog. 🙂

Thousands of people search on the internet daily that how to earn money? So help them and in that way you can also earn some money with your blog.

Like my blog, TechyLearners is also about How to earn money online and from blogging.


Maybe Affiliate Marketing will be the best for you to monetize your blog. You can also generate sweet revenue from Adsense.

9: Blogging tips

blog niche
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Blogging nowadays becomes a popular passion for many peoples. You can help newbies to grow online in such an amazing field and that is also my aim.

I also help new bloggers about how to create a successful blog that will help you to live a boss-free life.

Share your mistakes with your audience and help others as you can, in such a way you can also earn thousands of dollars per month.

It is also one of the best blog niches that make money in 2019.


Adsense, Affiliate marketing will be best to generate thousands of dollars from Blogging tips blog.

10: Photography

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Photography is one of the best blog niches that make money and generate more traffic.

If you are interested in any kind of Photography, so you can start it now!


You can sell interesting Photographs with your blog. You can also monetize it with Google Adsense.

What other blog niches that make money in 2019?

There are also many different blog niche ideas from which you can make money and more traffic.
This is up to you that in which topic you have more experience and How much you are able to guide others with your blog.

For Example, if you have knowledge about Agriculture, seeding or Farming so you can start your blogging journey with this.

What another method to monetize your blog?

There are many other methods from which you can generate revenue, but make sure you have the audience and traffic in your blog.

You can only earn money if the visitors are coming to your blog otherwise, you can’t!

This is up to you how much you are smart in earning money. You can earn money by selling e-books, WordPress also made this easy for you. If you are a WordPress user, for digital downloads, I recommend you all Easy Digital Downloads Plugin, it is easy to use and includes all features.

Similarly, if someone as you to give backlinks, you can also pay for this! and many other ideas.

If you have another idea about the monetization, must comment below.

How I Find the Best niche for me to start a successful blog in 2019!

You are facing problems to find blog niches that make money!

No problem, Let’s pick a pencil in your hand and take out your copy. Feel free and take a long breath, and now note down all blog niche list in which you have some knowledge, and you seem that you can easily write up to 30 or 40 topics on that niche.

Let’s suppose I have knowledge in,

  • Home decor
  • Gift ideas
  • How to make money
  • Blogging tips
  • Photography

and now again wrote down those niches in which you have the interest and you have a passion to do that.

Let’s suppose I am interested in,

  • Blogging tips
  • Home decor
  • How to make money

and at last match both lists and mark out the same niches which are in both.

  • Home decor
  • Gift ideas
  • How to make money
  • Blogging tips
  • Photography

and now select the niche in which you are more passionate, I am in blogging so I start writing about blogging tips.

That’s it! 🙂

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Hope, you can now easily select blog niches that make money and help you to start your career as a blogger.

—–♥ Muhammad Usman Blogger By Hert ♥ —–

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