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Create a thumbnail with best thumbnail maker Canva9 min read

Are you looking for the answer “How to create a thumbnail?” without any copyright issue? So here we discussed how you can create the best thumbnail, with the best thumbnail maker Canva. I think you should read this.

A thumbnail or we can say Placeholder of the content is the short compressed preview of your content or video. Because the human brain can better understand visuals than texts

I think you should use the best thumbnail maker canva to create a thumbnail for your blog or YouTube channel. What many people make a mistake? They use copyrighted images and content in their posts or video; as a result, they failed to monetize their channel or site with Google Adsense or any other Ads services site.

Do you know a fact?

According to the research, it is essential to create a thumbnail more attractive. Most people click on only those videos or content which is looking attractive than the others.

When you share your post to the social media account, people only will click when your posts’ thumbnail looks crazy and attractive.

How to create a thumbnail? with the best thumbnail maker Canva

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Well, Images and thumbnails are an essential part of blogging, marketing or etc, as we have to attract our visitors and engage them to read the whole blog post. But the question is, Is this possible to create thumbnails and images in free!

Yes, it’s effortless to create attractive thumbnails and images by using the best thumbnail maker Canva. And I think it is one of the best tools to create engaging images.

Now the question may be in your mind that “how to create such kinds of great images and thumbnails?”. So follow these steps.

Canva is the best thumbnail maker tool which, provides both free and paid versions. But don’t worry! Its free subscription is fantastic, and enough to create a thumbnail that will attract your visitors. Just follow these steps.

Step 1 | Start and create a thumbnail

Go to the canva.com or download the Canva app from Playstore to get started. For now, we are going to create a thumbnail with the Canva web (canva.com)

Step 2 | Sign up to create with the best thumbnail maker

Sign up with your Gmail, Facebook, or any method. After Sign in, you can see the dashboard, as mentioned in the given screenshot.

how to create thumbnails in canva
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Step 3 | Selecting the perfect size

There are too many options, like creating an image or a poster, etc. You can design your FB, Instagram post, etc. For now, let’s create a thumbnail for a YouTube video. A standard YouTube thumbnail size should be about 1280 pixels wide by 720 pixels tall. To create it, first click on create a design option appear on the left sidebar, it is showing many options now.

thumbnails with the canva
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After that, go to the custom dimension and input the size of your thumbnail (1280 pixels wide by 720 pixels tall). After entering the size, hit the enter button, and it will redirect you to a dashboard.

Note: If you are creating for any other purpose (Like for your blog posts), so you can follow the same steps too.

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Step 4 | Have a look!

Now you can see here a complete working dashboard like a Pro, It is a free version, not a paid subscription, but it is still looking professional.

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On the left sidebar, here are many features like choosing a template, adding photos to your thumbnails, adding vector images and colorful backgrounds, custom uploading options, and many more. By the way, you can explore it according to your needs.

Step 5 | Select color or background to create a thumbnail image

Now select the color of your thumbnail background by clicking on the white empty surface area.

thumbnails for posts
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Here we have chosen a blue color, and that’s looking cool. Now let suppose I am making a video on “How to create a thumbnail with the best thumbnail maker Canva,” and I am creating a thumbnail for it. Now I have to choose any vector element that can define my video to my users or visitors.

best thumbnail maker
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So what will I do, I will go to the element option first, then I will search for the word “Canva,” and now it will show me all the vector images, I will pick an image according to my need. In this case, I have selected the first image.

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Step 6 | Customize it according to the needs

Now click on the image to add this in your thumbnail. You can also change your vector (transparent background) color to make it looks better, I am also changing it from Canva blue to the yellow, and now it seems fine.

making thumbnails
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Now fix this according to your size. In this case, I am applying this on the right side and will add some text on the left side. Let’s have a look at it!

create a thumbnail
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Step 7 | Adding text to your thumbnail image

To add some text, click on the text option on the left sidebar, select your text size and manage it according to the needs. You can also change the font size, color, and family.

best thumbnail maker
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You can also select any one of the backgrounds in the place of background color. And can also create your thumbnails or images from the existing templates.

how to create a youtube thumbnail
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Step 8 | Download it!

After making your thumbnail, click on the download button. Congrats! Now you have learned “How to create a thumbnail” will let you enjoy your free professional images and thumbnails for your content without any copyright issue.

best thumbnail maker
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Some other features of this Amazing tool Canva

Apart from making thumbnails, Canva lets you access many other features in free.

  • You can design your Ads with this tool
  • You can make a sidebar poster by using this best graphic designing tool for non-designers.
  • You can also create Logos.
  • Canva will let you create eye-catching Infographics.
  • Help you to create images for Pinterest, Insta, Facebook or etc.
  • You can create Quotes in the form of images, to attract your visitors.
  • You can also make your YouTube channel art, Facebook group, page or profile cover, Instagram post, Facebook Ads images and many more.

More Best Thumbnail Maker Tools For You

There are many other tools available for your help, that will let you create images and thumbnails like a pro. However, I have only used Canva yet.

Fotojet: Best choice for YouTubers who wants to create attractive thumbnails for their videos.

Snappa: A good competitor of Canva. Great gift for non-designers with its best graphic designing tools.

Adobe Spark: Pretty good to create attractive thumbnails with its cool and simple toolkit.

FAQs about “Create a thumbnail with best thumbnail maker Canva”

1: Should we use canva premium?

I don’t think so. As its free subscription comes up with great features. However, you can give it a try, if you like to use Canva premium images and vectors.

2: How do I create blog images for WordPress with Canva?

Yes, it’s also very easy. Just follow the same steps and similarly you can create anything.

3: Is canva good to design the Ads?

Yes, canva is a great tool if you are looking to design any type of ads.

Wrapping Up:

However, attractive images and thumbnails are needs of a Pro blogger or entrepreneur, as you have to manage and create images/thumbnails/infographics for your blog or Social media platforms. But thanks to God! That this best thumbnail maker tool Canva comes to help.

In canva free subscription, there are also many paid templates and images. You should not use them as they come up with Canvas watermark, which may affect your rankings and content too.

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There are a lot of many other useful features in Canva pro, you can try it also, but I don’t recommend you. Because Canva free is enough, I think! Let me know in the comment if you liked this post and must share your experience.

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