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7 best grammar checker tools to write better31 min read

Do you know? The incorrect use of punctuation marks can even kill the meaning of the entire sentence!

Have a look at this,

  • I want to eat, mom!
  • I want to eat mom!

But thankfully, there are dozens of punctuation and grammar checker tools to avoid such kind of silly mistakes.

Are you one of them who checks for grammatical errors again and again or pays hundreds of dollars to their proofreading assistant?

I know that the correct use and delivery of the English language is essential for a good copy. But unfortunately! We often make silly errors that we realize after publishing.

Have you ever made a grammatical or punctuation error in your copy that became a source of embarrassment?

I am sure you have.

That’s why here come grammar checkers. They are powerful software built with advanced AI technology (artificial intelligence) that can remove mistakes and make the content more substantial.

Well, it doesn’t matter whether you do your schoolwork, work for your boss, write emails, ebooks, blogs, or anything else.

The best grammar checker online tools help to avoid grammatical and silly mistakes and teach how to write correctly.

Who can use Grammar checker tools?

I believe that these tools are even crucial for those who write only a few words daily. 

  • Students
  • Screen writers
  • Bloggers and marketers
  • Journalist
  • Office workers
  • Educational institutes
  • Freelancers

They all should enjoy the advantages of these grammar corrector softwares.


Starting from


Purchase link






$6.58 & $299 for lifetime





$19.99 (lifetime)


Don’t get me wrong!

Having a grammar checker tool doesn’t mean that now you don’t have to write or do anything by yourself!

These are tools, not magicians!… 

Moreover, you can’t blindly trust any tool! You also have to be careful while writing!…

A useful tool will only help by marking the writing errors to replace them with the correct one, but you must check manually.

Well! I did a lot of research and experiments before listing every single tool so that you will never face any issues. And I am pretty sure that this guide will be beneficial for you.

7 best grammar checker tools

As an internet marketer and full-time blogger, I use many online grammar checker tools to: write error-free content and polish writing skills, whenever I write.

Underneath are some of the top grammar checker tools to help you with your writing tasks.

1. Grammarly – For all individual and professional use

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If you have already heard about the best grammar correctors then, you might know about Grammarly.

Grammarly is your need if you want to be more productive and accurate. This tool is for both individuals and business owners.

And why not! It’s the #1 online grammar checker tool that lets you write fabulous pieces of content.

Especially helping thousands of online marketers and authors like me in writing blog posts, ebooks, emails, messages, comments, and reviews.

And, indeed, I love this tool.

As a blogger, I use to write website content, email copies, proposals, social media content and much more, and it works like a charm for me.

With the simple and easy infrastructure, you can use it anywhere.

Grammarly dashboard
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Grammarly is a freemium writing tool that helps you to check for grammar and punctuation errors, as well as let you do some more interesting things including,

  • Grammar and Punctuation checker: It can check all grammar and punctuation mistakes that you make while writing. It also gives real-time suggestions on how to get rid of these mistakes.
  • Vocabulary enhancement: Grammarly helps to replace weak vocab with a good and powerful one.
  • Plagiarism: Grammarly detects plagiarism by comparing your writing with billions of web pages available on the Internet.
  • Spelling mistakes: It can check all spelling mistakes and help in proofreading the copy. It also helps to fix sentence structure.
  • Readability and writing tone: It can check the writing style and tone of the content and also show the readability score.

This tool is straightforward and can be used for different purposes. It proofreads your work accurately with instant suggestions.

I generally write my blog content on Google Docs, and Grammarly works amazingly with it.

Besides correcting error words to the delivery and clarity of sentences, Grammarly also helps me to find synonyms by double right-clicking on words.

And this is a fantastic feature that saves my time. Otherwise, I have to search for the synonyms of each word separately on Google 🙄.

Moreover, this corrector tool helps to write targeted content efficiently with its “Adjust Goal” feature.

You can inform Grammarly about your content type, domain, formality, tone and intent so that it can suggest more enhancements related to the context.

Where to use the Grammarly tool?

  • Whether you’re writing comments, replying to messages, writing emails, or ebooks, you can use the Grammarly Chrome extension.
  • You can install the Grammarly extension for Firefox, Chrome and Edge to use it easily anywhere.
  • You can write error-free blog posts and articles with the help of Grammarly.
  • You can access the Grammarly dashboard with your desktop and start a new project with a straightforward click.
  • If you prefer to write your documents in Microsoft Word or Google Docs, you can install Grammarly’s add-on in it.
  • Even if you are a Mac user, you can easily use Grammarly.
  • Are you using android or ios? No problem. You can also use Grammarly on it by downloading the Grammarly keyboard app.

With the unlimited features of this best grammar tool, you can use it anywhere while writing online.

While you write your content, Grammarly will be busy in detecting grammatical and punctuation mistakes.

Install Grammarly free chrome extension


  • Friendly-user interface and easy to use
  • Accurate contextual, grammatical and punctuation error detector
  • It can detect the content’s tone and readability score and give real-time suggestions to optimize it better
  • Comes up with Plagiarism detector
  • It also offers a mobile app (Grammarly keyboard) for android and ios users


  • No language translator

Grammarly Free vs Premium

Although Grammarly also has a free subscription. But! if you are an author, marketer, freelancer, ebook-writer or do work online, then here comes a Grammarly premium that takes you a step further with its more advanced functions.

I use Grammarly premium for all my tasks and it makes me feel more productive and joyful while writing.



Grammar, punctuation and spelling check



Vocabulary enhancement suggestions




writing style checks


Plagiarism detector


Critical errors


Grammarly Premium helps to correct critical errors in your copy that even a human can’t. 

That’s the reason many PRO Copywriters and Bloggers recommend this grammar checker tool.

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It also detects the writing tone and style, which helps to customize my content.

I also don’t need to separately check for formality level and reading score because all these features are on my finger-tips with the help of Grammarly.

Grammarly also shows word count, sentence length, reading and speaking time, and lots more other things.

You can also download this performance report in PDF format to share it with the client or any other person.

It also gives you an idea about the politeness of content and compelling vocabulary suggestions. This is insane!…

The premium subscription also comes with a plagiarism detector, which means that now you don’t need to buy any plagiarism tool additionally.

Of course, Grammarly Pro is a necessary tool if you are fond of writing daily.

Pricing and Plans:

Unlike other premium tools, Grammarly premium is cheap and affordable.

Especially when you pay for a year, the premium plan will cost you only $11.66 per month (around $140 for the whole year).

Get the Grammarly


2. Linguix – Best Grammarly alternative

Don’t have the budget to go with Grammarly! Or are you looking for the best alternative that works the same as Grammarly?

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You may never have heard about this advanced AI writing assistant that works not only the same as Grammarly but also becoming a challenge for it!

Though there are more things to add to the tool, but the way they start rocking within a short time is super amazing! And I am pretty sure they will continue to introduce more amazing features.

  • Automatically check for grammar and punctuation errors
  • The browser extension works better and faster than Grammarly

  • More than 2000 context rules for better corrections
  • 9 Million Typos database
  • Online handbook and; ready-made content templates for more productivity

This best grammar checker tool is not only for the marketers and writers, but even a school student can easily use it!

Linguix dashboard
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That’s because of its simple UI.

The statistics and graph representation of the tool is incredible, and this also helps administrator to easily see each writer’s overall performance (i.e. documents, words, sentences, errors, and errors fixed count).

statistics in Linguix ai writing assistant
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Moreover, dozens of content writing templates are available to boost your productivity and help to write more engaging email copies, CVs, Essays, Product Reviews, and more.

template linguix
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 I love this tool immensely, when it helps me by saving a lot of time.

linguix dashboard
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There is another feature called snippets,‘ which helps to save sentences and paras. Whenever you need to add it to your content, you have to just type a few words only.

There are many more features, like words’ synonyms, dictionary, essay templates, and English level interactive tests.

You can download the Linguix grammar extension on your browser, also you can use their web-based editor.

Install Linguix Free Chrome Extension


  • Linguix is easy to use
  • The cheap alternative to Grammarly
  • One of the best grammar checker tools, plus awesome features to be more productive and better in writing
  • Performance statistics and team collaboration features include
  • Different ready-made content templates for professional writing
  • Writing guides and handbooks
  • Vocabulary enhancements
  • Best and affordable tool for students


  • Its free subscription comes up with limited features
  • No android or window application
  • vNo plagiarism checker, lack of some features too

Linguix Free vs Premium

If you are thinking of getting all these fantastic features in a free subscription, then you are entirely wrong!

I liked its premium features, but the free version has only a few advantages. You can only check basic grammar and punctuation errors and that’s not cool, unfortunately!

But now they have also added some content templates for their free users too.

Apart from that, there is also a snippet and dictionary feature in the free subscription.

However, the premium version is super amazing and affordable. And it contains all the facilities that help a writer to be more professional and productive.

From advanced grammatical corrections to vocabulary enhancement suggestions and personalized language learning, you will get all these golden features for just a few bucks!

Grammarly vs Linguix

Undoubtedly Grammarly free is better than Linguix free. But the Linguix premium version has a lot of more useful features that help this tool be on #2 in the list of best grammar checker tools.

Not just a grammar checker, but more than your grammar teacher 😍.

Yeah! again, reminding…

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Linguix offers various productivity and writing features (discussed above) that help you be a real writer!

Mostly I like the personalized learning, Ready-made content templates and snippet feature of this tool.

On the other side, the price is more than 50% off as compared with Grammarly and other competitors.

Pricing and Plans

If we compare features with the price of the tool, then this will cost you nothing!

It will cost $18.95 per month, and $8 per month (save $131.4) if you go for a year.

Appsumo is offering Linguix grammar tool in $49 for a year. Grab this now to save a lot! Get this deal now


Also, there is a discount for small and medium businesses, students, and teachers (Linguix EDU).

If you buy for your team (three user licenses), it will only cost $10 per user every month ($5 if you billed annually).

Explore Linguix


3. ProWritingAid – For serious writers only!

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If you are looking for a powerful tool to help you become a better writer, not just find typos, then checkout ProWritingAid today!

Dave Chessonl, founder of Kindlepreneur

ProWritingAid is another best grammar checker software that sometimes catches those mistakes that even Grammarly and other premium tools missed. It provides more useful data and insights to make your copy more professional.

This tool was developed in early 2012 in London. It helps creative writers, bloggers, marketers, fiction writers, and students to write error-free content and also teaches the art of better writing.

Although many people might not be familiar with ProWritingAid, but in many cases, it is more useful than Grammarly and even offers some incredible features that no one provides.

ProWritingAid offers 20 writing reports that you can check for in your content.

Moreover, it also provides visualization through charts and graphs to better understand your content’s quality and formatting.

I highly recommend this grammar checker tool, especially if you are a fiction writer and want to improve sentence quality.

You can also check for the readability and flesch reading score, which will help you edit your content more professionally.

  • It can easily integrate with MS word, Outlook, Google Docs, and Open Office
  • Browser extensions are available for Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Edge
  • It can quickly check for grammatical and punctuation errors while writing on any platform, like Quora, medium and Facebook
  • You can also download the software version of ProWritingAid if you are a window or a Mac user

Besides checking grammatical and punctuation errors, it is one of those tools that can quickly check for cliches, wordy sentences, repeated words, and phrases.

ProWritingAid highlights grammatical, style, and spelling errors with blue, yellow, and red color marks.

I like this one feature most, called “Echos,” which checks for the overused words and repeated sentences. It also comes up with a personal dictionary, which will help you note down new words and concepts during writing.

Install ProWriting free chrome extension


  • Grammar checker, style editor, and writing mentor in one package
  • The accurate tool with a bunch of unique features
  • The cheapest corrector tool for serious writers. $79 for a one-year subscription and also a lifetime deal for just $299
  • The free version is also pretty cool with most needy writing features
  • It can be used anywhere on the web with its powerful integration features
  • Best for fiction writers and scrivener fans


  • It takes more time to look for the errors
  • No android app is available

ProWritingAid Free vs Premium

ProWritingAid is a freemium grammar checker software. Although the free version is also suitable for doing a few daily writing tasks.

But! if you want to transform your writing skills, then the premium version is a must.

On the other hand, this tool is the need for a blogger, journalist, fiction and non-fiction author.

In the free version, you will only have access to limited features, and you can’t check more than 500 words simultaneously. Also, there will be no desktop app for you in the free version.

Long story short, the premium subscription is worth trying.

ProWritingAid vs Grammarly

Although there is no writing tool for Grammarly’s comparison, but I highly recommend using ProWritingAid, especially if you’re cash-crunched.

And I am just amazed at how it helps me to structure my content professionally.

If you compare the free version of both tools, then Grammarly will be the winner for sure. Even Grammarly free has many interesting features that are not available in the premium version of ProWritingAid.

But! ProWritingAid detects some severe errors that even Grammarly ignored.

I know that Grammarly is easier to use but if you will learn to use ProWritingAid for the perfect copywriting, you will find it super helpful.

Most people recommend ProWritingAid over Grammarly also because of its lifetime subscription deal of just $299.

Pricing and Plans

As mentioned above, it is one of the cheapest and the most useful grammar checker tools I have ever tried.

Although monthly subscription is a little bit costly ($20), but you can still go with a yearly subscription for just $79 or purchase the lifetime deal for $299.

Explore ProWritingAid


4. Ginger Great writing editor and spelling corrector

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Ginger is under the top 5 best grammar checker tools which are popular and most commonly used.

I often use this fantastic tool to correct my writing errors and it is same as Grammarly, but sometimes catch more complex mistakes that Grammarly missed! 

Ginger is also a freemium tool, and the premium version is also good!

This tool is easy to install on your computer, and you can start using instantly by installing the browser extension. 

Install Ginger free chrome extension

Its free web-based editor also works like a charm.

Ginger highlights incorrect words and phrases in blue. Like other best grammar checker tools, Ginger can be used anywhere on any browser or device,

You can also use this tool in your android and IOS devices with the help of Ginger’s keyboard.

Ginger can professionally work anywhere around the web; you can use it while writing on Quora, Medium and Facebook.

The Premium version of the tool also comes with a translator, so that you can easily translate into 40+ languages.

To find synonyms of different words you can search directly from Ginger’s online editor.


  • Correct the errors while writing
  • Improve your grammar and writing skills
  • Boost your productivity
  • Can be used anywhere
  • Translate for 40+ languages
  • Offers unlimited grammar checks


  • Like other professional tools, Ginger does not have a plagiarism checker
  • If you’re a fan of writing on Google Docs then… unfortunately, Ginger does not support it
  • Less accurate and poor UI as compared with Grammarly
  • If you are thinking of purchasing Ginger because of its translation feature then, unfortunately, Google translator is better than this

Ginger free vs premium

The Ginger premium subscription also includes a video tutorial to write better content, that’ll be great if you are looking to polish your writing skills.

You can rephrase sentences, improve your mistakes, and can correct your unlimited grammatical mistakes with Ginger’s premium subscription.

The price is lower than Grammarly, and that’s one of the reasons many people use and recommend Ginger over Grammarly.

Ginger vs Grammarly

Ginger and Grammarly both are best grammar checkers and proofreading tools. But there is little difference in pricing and accuracy of both tools.

Ginger is not very accurate, and it is not as user-friendly as Grammarly. However, the plans and pricings are payable and cheap (as compared with Grammarly).

The free version of Grammarly is more accurate than Ginger’s premium when it comes to checking grammar and punctuation mistakes.

No doubt Grammarly premium is the best way ❤️️ to check for such critical errors that even your grammar teacher misses! – Lol

Pricing and plans

If you pay monthly, it will cost you around $20.97. The annual plan will cost $7.49 (billed as one payment of $89.88 per annum), similarly $6.66 (around $160) to grab for the next two years.

Explore Ginger


5: WhiteSmokeCheap AI assistant (No free trial)

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WhiteSmoke is more than just grammar checker software.

Definitely, it is worth trying if you want to do more tasks, apart from checking for grammatical and punctuation mistakes!…

It is cheap and works the same as other premium tools; however, it is a bit slow to find critical errors.

Like other above-mentioned tools, Whitesmoke can easily correct grammatical and punctuation errors as well as, it will also help you to fix typos, incomplete sentences, missing words and fragments.

Whitesmoke uses a color-coding system to mark different writing errors with different colors.

Green for grammar, purple for style issues and red for spelling mistakes respectively.

The best part of this tool is that they offer video and article guides to learn better copywriting. 

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All these tutorials are helpful to learn how to write effectively.

Though there is no free trial, but their dozens of smart features push serious writers to grab the tool instantly!

  • Whitesmoke works smoothly with all devices; you can use this tool on Chrome, Safari and Firefox. You can also install the desktop application. It is available for mac and android users too
  • One of the best grammar checker tools, also the translator works pretty well with many languages
  • Like the Linguix writing corrector, Whitesmoke also offers ready-made professional templates, so you can create your own by using that template
  • It translates your content into many languages, based on the context of your content
  • It not only helps to correct the errors but also explains how to overcome these mistakes

Whitesmoke also helps with styling suggestions, you can check for,

  • Voice
  • Word choices
  • Informal expressions
  • Sentence structure and length

That’s what helps Whitesmoke to hold its own against Grammarly.

The best thing about this writing tool is, you can use it anywhere easily! available for Windows, Mac and even for Android users too.

Desktop version is one of the best features of this tool. Although there is no free download link available on the internet, but you can purchase to use it. 

However, even desktop application can check only up to 10,000 characters (not 10,000 words). Means you have a frustrating road ahead of you if you want to check big chunks of content. 

WhiteSmoke also offers plagiarism and translation (for 55 languages).


  • It is not just a grammar corrector but a tool with the quality proofreading abilities available
  • One of the most accurate grammar checker tools
  • Integrated with Microsoft Word and Outlook
  • Desktop version available
  • Available for multi-devices
  • 100+ letters and writing templates
  • Guides, videos and tutorials to help you be a writer


  • Limited checking, even on desktop application
  • A little slower than other above-mentioned tools
  • Poor support

WhiteSmoke free vs premium

Unfortunately, WhiteSmoke doesn’t offer any free subscription or even trials. You can give it a try by paying a few bucks.

WhiteSmoke vs Grammarly

If I say Grammarly is 90% accurate, then there is no doubt Whitesmoke is 85%.

However, it totally depends on your needs, if you don’t have enough to go for Grammarly then WhiteSmoke is for you.

Moreover, you will get few more benefits that you can’t in Grammarly


WhiteSmoke doesn’t work perfectly to check critical grammar errors. Also, it is not as fast as other competitors. But still worth paying (depending on the needs).

In short, the best option for those looking for the cheapest Grammarly alternatives with similar and few more features. 

Pricing and plans

There is no free subscription or even trial. WhiteSmoke offers 3 types of subscription.

  • Web
  • Premium
  • Business

The basic plan costs $5 monthly (billed as one payment of $59.95), Premium costs $6.66 (if billed $79.95 one-time for a year) and business plan costs $11.50 per month ($137.95 one-time for a year). And if you go for at least 3 years then there will be more discounts for you! ($5 $3.47 only)

A basic plan can only be used to check for errors on web browsers. While in premium and business plan, you can integrate this tool with many devices (windows, mac, MS, Browsers, Emails).

If you go with the WhiteSmoke business plan, you will get a 3 user license.

Explore WhiteSmoke


6: HemingwaySimple tool for serious copywriters

Many copywriters recommend me to use the Hemingway editor if I want to create epic content.

I was shocked at how this small and cheap tool ($19.99 lifetime) can help to write error-free copies!

But lately, I got to know about the amazing functions of this tool, and from that day, I used to check on this tool before I published any content.

Hemingway is one of the grammar corrector tools that I use besides Grammarly, Linguix and Prowritingaid.

Though it is not a deep writing and proofreading tool, but it contains some mind-blowing features that let you know how readable your copy is and it also gives real-time suggestions including,

  • Hard to read sentences
  • Weak or complicated words and phrases
  • Passive voice
  • Adverbs
  • Simple Synonyms
  • Formatting
  • Readability Score

You can check your grammatical mistakes by merely pasting or writing your articles on Hemingway web-based editor. Surprisingly! That’s all for free!

In editing mode (default mode), Hemingway shows all the errors in your writing.

Like other writing correctors, this tool also uses a color-coding system to highlight the errors.

  • Yellow color: Lengthy or complex sentence
  • Red color: Sentences that are very hard to read, and may confuse the readers
  • Purple color: Words that have a simpler alternative
  • Blue color: Adverb or weak words
  • Green color: Use to highlight passive voices

While, the writing mode is simple and it only allows you to write and format your content

Content formatting is one of the helpful features. The tool allows you to use the following formatting options for your content.

  • Bold
  • Italic
  • H1, H2, H3
  • Quote
  • Bullets
  • Numbers
  • Link

Also on the top right corner, you can check all the summary of your copy.

This feature helps me a lot to quickly analyze the overall readability and errors in my content.


  • Very easy to use
  • Help in the formatting of your copy
  • Find readability and grammatical errors
  • Web-version is totally free without any limitations
  • You can get the premium ($19.99 lifetime) version if you work offline.


  • Doesn’t have the option to correct spelling issues and context
  • In the online editor, there is no feature to save your recent work; however, for this you can download their paid desktop application

Hemingway free vs premium

I use their free online editor because I usually work online. But if you want more amazing features then you can avail the lifetime deal.

And I think the cost is nothing ($20) compared with other premium tools on the planet.

Apart from formatting, styling and readability suggestions… You can:

  • Do work offline
  • Use the desktop version (for Mac and Windows)
  • Can directly publish your articles to WordPress and Medium
  • Export in PDF, word and Html
  • Save it as a PDF with all color highlights so that other people can make changes easily

Hemingway vs Grammarly

As I discussed earlier, like Grammarly and ProWritingAid, Hemingway is not an all in one Grammar checker tool!

However, it helps a lot, especially when it comes to make my articles more powerful and easy to read…

ProWritingAid also has many similar features of Hemingway editor, if you want to be more perfect, then you must try it too. Get it now!
Otherwise, Grammarly Premium + Hemingway free is 🔥.


Pricing and Plans

Hemingway online editor is free to use, and you can pay $19.99 (lifetime access) to use their desktop version for offline use.

Explore Heminway


7. Best for customer-facing teams is one of the emerging online grammar checker tools. 

sapling Ai writing assistant
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This AI based tool is especially for customer-facing teams.

Unlike other tools, this tool can integrate with CRM systems to ensure that everyone in your team uses the same tone, responses and writing style.

This tool is an excellent solution if you own a company and want to make sure nothing goes out the door.

The tool allows agents to respond more quickly by retrieving data from the company’s knowledge bank.

The basic and pro version of the tool works pretty cool for individuals and students; you can check for the grammatical and spelling mistakes, typos, formatting, engagement metrics, vocab and much more, also has a Snippets option that helps writers autocomplete their sentences for more productivity.

You can personalize your dictionary, add errors that you often make while you write and can inform tool to replace it with another one.

However, in free subscription, you have the options of Chrome, GDocs and Outlook extensions.

Bonus Tip 🔥: I write my first draft on Google Docs because this free online editor is straightforward to manage big pieces of content. Also, Google docs has its own in-built grammar and spell check feature, that saves lot of time.



  • Real-time suggestions
  • Best for businesses
  • Accurate suggestions
  • Auto-complete feature to save more time


  • This tool is costly; an individual may not be able to afford it. Free vs Premium

The free version only catches basic grammatical and punctuation errors. While the pro version of the tool comes up with autocomplete, snippets and advanced premium suggestions features.

You will also have email and ticket support options in premium subscription.

On the other side, the Enterprise plan is for businesses and teams. It comes up with all the necessary features that help agents to reply the customers easily with the same tone and writing style.

If you purchase enterprise subscription, you can also see detailed analytics and conversation insights. The plan also comes up with advanced security options and custom integrations for any CRM.

Pricing and Plans

Note: There is a 30 day free trial of PRO subscription. No credit card or any other banking details required! offers three plans, the basic one is free, while the pro subscription costs $25 monthly. And to avail Enterprise subscription you have to contact first.



3 cheap Grammarly Alternatives

Grammarly is the most recommendable writing corrector tool on the planet.

From a novel writer, blogger to a primary student… anybody can use this great tool to perform their writing tasks.

But for many people (especially for students) this cost is unpayable. 

If you are one of those who can’t afford Grammarly, then don’t worry! Below I have mentioned 3 cheap alternatives for you!

Why and How do I use Grammar checker tools?

I use writing corrector tools to make sure that my emails, social media posts, blog posts, and proposals are error free.

I first create a draft of my content then I paste all of my content on Grammarly’s dashboard.

Generally, I avoid the use of browser extensions for any tool, because I often have to check for the long form articles.

The purpose of using Grammarly for a long time is that this is one of awesome grammar checker tools, it’s also easy to use, accurate and budget friendly. Thankfully, I can undo all my mistakes with a single click only.

Next I paste that (Grammarly edited) content on the Hemingway online editor to manage the readability score of my content. Normally I try to keep it between 7-9 grade.

I often use ProWritingAid too, this tool is also amaZzing.

Top FAQs

I have collected some FAQs from the different forums and the Q’A platforms. This might help you by solving your different queries.

What is the best free Grammar checker on the internet?

If you need to check for basic corrections, Grammarly free is the only tool that I recommend.
You can also try ProWritingAid and Ginger’s free subscription.

Suggest me the best grammar tool for Windows that I can get for free or cheap?

All of the tools in the above-mentioned list offer a desktop version. I always recommend Grammarly, but if you are looking for a cheap one, then you can go with ProWritingAid ($79 per annum or $299 one time payment) or WhiteSmoke ($5 monthly).

What is the best spelling, style and grammar checker for English?

Of course Grammarly!…
You should also try Linguix, it’s cheap with lots more advanced productivity features.

What are the best tools for journalists?

Grammarly, Hemingway and ProWritingAid are some of the best grammar checker tools for journalists.

What are some cheap and best tools for students?

Grammarly Edu subscription is specifically for students and educational institutes. You can buy subscription for up to 5 users in just $500 per year (save $40+) or you can purchase from my link to save more on Grammarly pro.

Best grammar checker Android app?

Grammarly has its Android and iOS keyboard available on the Playstore.

What are some of the best tools to proofread novels, books, and articles?

ProWritingAid is the one and only tool that I have found so far! It proofreads such types of content professionally.

Which tool also offers plagiarism checks? 

I used to check plagiarism scores with Grammarly. WhiteSmoke is also best for this purpose.


I have tried my best to provide you a bunch of knowledge at a place with lots of bonuses and tips.

Apart from checking only grammatical and spelling errors, these tools will help to increase your productivity, accuracy, flow, engagement and the clarity of the content.

Of course, the best in-class grammar checker tool is Grammarly

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But the remaining other tools also offer unique and important writing features that shouldn’t be ignored.

That’s one of the reasons I suggest to use two or more tools at a time to complete your writing tasks more accurately. And the choice totally depends on your own needs.

Which tool are you thinking of using? Let me know in the comments…


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