10 best grammar checker online tools to beautify your writing

Hey Bloggers & Writers! I did much research to find the best grammar checker online tools for you, so you don’t need to research it again. Bloggers and Content writers! Have you ever made a grammatical or punctuation error in your writing that became a source of embarrassment? I am sure you have.

Want to beautify your skills! OK, in this comprehensive guide, I will show you how can you improve it. 

The best grammar checker online tools are beneficial to come across more professionally with your writing. Whether you are writing a blog post, Mail, e-Book, it’s essential to avoid Grammatical and silly mistakes.

Before choosing any tool, keep in mind that none of them are perfect. You have to create engagement with your audience on your own. You have to write your content. No tool will give you 100% results; however, they help you to write great content and to avoid silly mistakes.

Do you know friends! The incorrect use of punctuation marks even will kill the meaning of the entire sentence.

Let’s see this example


  • I like cooking, dogs, and kids.

is not the same as

  • I like cooking dogs and kids.

But thankfully, there are dozen of punctuation checker tools and best grammar checker online tools to avoid such kind of silly mistakes.

Do You Know

If you consider writing error-free and less grammatical mistake content, you will get a good advantage. Less grammatical mistake content will help you to rank higher, and also help you to build more and more audience. Because if you make more grammar mistakes, this will impact as a wrong impression, and maybe the reader will not reread your content.

Top 5 Most Popular and useful punctuation & best grammar checker online tools

After Googling, I found some best grammar checker online tools that will help you to write error-free content and polishing your skills of writing.

#1. Grammarly

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Is Grammarly the most accurate and best grammar checker online tool? 

Are you looking for the best grammar checker online tools! Past days I found this fantastic grammar and punctuation checker tool, which helps you to write amazing blog posts, e-books, e-mails, reviews, etc. And polish your writing skills.
I am using this fantastic tool personally. As a blogger, I use this tool to write the Error Free blog posts, and it works like a charm.

Grammarly is a writing tool that helps you to check for several types of errors. Like,

Grammar & Punctuation checker:

It can check all grammar and punctuation mistakes that you are doing while writing. It also gives real-time suggestions on how to fix these mistakes.


Grammarly detects plagiarism by comparing your writing with billions of web pages available on the Internet.

Spelling mistakes:

It can check all spelling mistakes and help you to write an Error Free article.

Grammarly is best for

Grammarly is best for both, those who don’t know much more English, and for those who know.

  • Bloggers
  • Marketers
  • Content writers
  • Students

Where to use the Grammarly tool?

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Grammarly is a very easy tool to use.

  • If you’re writing comments, replying messages, writing emails, blog posts or e-books you can use Grammarly Chrome extension. 
  • Thanks to Grammarly now you can access Grammarly with your PC/Laptop screen because in 2019 Grammarly launches a new feature to start a new project with one simple click.
  • If you prefer to write your documents in Microsoft Word, you can now install Grammarly’s add-on in it.
  • Even if you are a Mac user, you can easily use Grammarly.
  • Are you using android or ios? No problem you can also use Grammarly on it.

Want to extra beautify your writing skills?

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If you are running a business or want to beautify your writing skills, try Grammarly premium now.

It includes all the advanced features that are your needs.

Advice for TechyLearners’ readers,

I recommend to all my readers,

       First, try Grammarly free for a month then move to the premium plan to write more better.

You can also contact me if you want to purchase a Grammarly premium at cheap rates.  🙂 

#2. Ginger

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After Grammarly, I use This fantastic tool, Ginger, for better writing. It has many features, the same as Grammarly. This tool is available for free, or you can try Ginger Premium.

Ginger is easy to install in your computer, you can easily start in free, by adding Ginger Chrome extension. 

Ginger is one and only the tool I used, besides Grammarly. It’s online text box checker worked. Unlike Grammarly, which uses red and green lines to indicate errors, Ginger highlights incorrect word and phrases in blue.

The Ginger premium tool also comes with a translator, but I did not recommend, because it is not too accurate than Google translator. Unlike Ginger translator, Google translator is free and more reliable.

Like Grammarly, this best grammar checker online tool provides more context than the free version.

Ginger’s Premium Prices

If you are looking to use this tool to beautify your writing more, then you can try the Premium Plan. The Ginger premium subscription also includes a video tutorial to write better content; that’s will great if you are looking to polish your writing skills.

  • Monthly Cost ($29.96 )
  • Quarterly Cost ($19.98)
  • Yearly Cost ( $12.48)

Ginger VS Grammarly, Which is the best grammar checker online tool!

Ginger and Grammarly, both are the best to write error-free content. But there is a little difference in pricing and accuracy of both tools.

  • According to price, Ginger is more best than Grammarly.
  • Are you looking for a more accurate tool! Grammarly is more best than Ginger.

Do you know friends! Ginger also has a keyboard for android and ios users. That’s is one of the most excellent pros.

#3. WhiteSmoke

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Another best tool that you can use to check Grammatical and punctuation mistakes is WhiteSmoke. It is another good competitor of Grammarly.

This fantastic tool was set up in 2002. Its premium plans are also best for those who want to polish their writing skills. 

Bloggers and writers, I recommend this tool after Grammarly and Ginger. It is best for writers and Non-English speakers. And if you are looking to buy the best grammar tool at a low price, then WhiteSmoke will work best for you.

WhiteSmoke works on every browser like Safari, Opera, Chrome, Firefox and etc.

This best grammar and punctuation checker tool also available for android and ios users, but you must have internet access to use this.

Unusually, WhiteSmoke does not provide a monthly subscription; you have to pay annually. I suggest you buy three years subscription in such a way you can save your lot of money.

WhiteSmoke VS Grammarly

However, WhiteSmoke is much cheaper than the Grammarly. And there is no more difference in accuracy between both of them. But! It is slightly slower than Grammarly and Ginger.

In short, If you are looking to save your money, You can use this fantastic tool with great features

#4. After The Deadline

If you are looking to write an error-free blog post than this tool will help you.

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Bloggers and writers, this tool is made up of smart technology like Artificial Intelligence. If you are a blogger and using WordPress to write a blog post, then this tool will beneficial for you. Because it works more accurately in WordPress, and specially build for WP users. If you use Jetpack Plugin, you know about this best free grammar and punctuation checker tool well. 🙂

However, you can also install a free Chrome extension to use this amazing tool. 

It highlights errors in red, Grammatical mistakes in green and style suggestions in blue.

You can also use this tool in your Mozilla, Firefox, or any other browser by adding the add-on to your browser, but sadly, the add-on is not there for MS Word. 

NOTE: Ideal for WordPress users and Bloggers, But! Less useful outside of WordPress.

#5. Hemingway

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I heard many authors that they use Hemingway Editor to check Grammar and Punctuation mistakes for their articles.

Are you also looking to write an Error Free article! Try also Hemingway Editor. It may also be the best grammar checker tool for you. However, it is not in-depth grammar and punctuation checker like Grammarly and ginger.

You can check your Grammitacle mistakes by merely pasting your articles on Hemingway Editor’s website, or you can also write your articles on there. You can also download their application or app to use it better at just $19.99.

The online Hemingway’s Editor offers two modes.

  • You can write your error-free articles there.
  • Also, you can easily edit your articles

Formatting of articles with Hemingway Editor

That’s also a great advantage for Bloggers that I like. You know bloggers Hemingway editor offers to edit or write articles also. There are a lot of Formatting options for your text.

  • Bold
  • Italic
  • H1
  • H2
  • H3
  • Quote
  • Bullets
  • Numbers
  • Link
Hemingway Editor – summary of your data 

On the top right corner, you can check all the summary of your post or article, which is also the great feature of this tool. I like to notice my article’s reading time here. 🙂

Five other Popular punctuation and best grammar checker online tools, which may also help you

Wait Wait Wait! also must read these, because there are also a lot of other features for you in these tools.

#1. ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid is another best grammar checker online tool, which works the same as Grammarly and Ginger.

I shocked to find that this fantastic tool can find those errors that even Grammarly missed. And if you want to work fully, you can purchase this tool in just $60 for a year. And also, you can check this tool by two weeks of the free trial.

#2. PaperRater

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A perfect tool for those, who are searching for the best grammar checker online tools.

You can quickly check your articles by pasting it on their web, or you can also upload document files.

You can also subscribe to the premium offer, in which you are provided a plagiarism checker even and many other features.

The best thing I like that you don’t have to download the chrome extension or any other software, go to the website and paste your article and correct all errors.

#3. LanguageTool

The language tool is an open-source online tool used by individuals and businesses. I was amazed by seeing the features of this tool. The language tool is best for those who want to write the error-free post in free of cost.

It is available in the web version, Chrome, and Mozilla add-ons, and also Google Docs add-ons.

I also shocked when I see the features of this tool. One of the best features I know, it can check the date and day and able to correct it.

Unlike other tools, this tool also supports Tons of other languages also, like,

  • German
  • Greek
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Swedish and many others.

Also available for,

  • Mac
  • Windows &
  • Linux

Also available in premium prices starting at $4.

#4. Reverso 

Reverso Translation is a free online tool for individuals or small businesses. However, I do not recommend Reverso, but it is best for emails or small amounts of text.

Available in 12 different languages include English. Simple layout and easy to use. Also best for learning English Grammar. This tool can also translate your articles in French, German, Spanish, Italian.

#5. AutoCrit

AutoCrit editor is also the best Online editing software for Grammar and Punctuation errors. 

But it is designed for Fiction writers, that’s why not recommended by most people. Quit good to cache grammatical and punctuation errors and also a handy tool.


“It’s your Turn!”

Bloggers and writers, I have first check all these tools. And I think you can choose any one tool from the top 5, and they are also best to cache your errors. And you can also use one of the last five tools to extra beautify your writing skills.

One thing you should have to keep in mind that no tool will give you accurate results. However, suitable for writing error-free content.

Let me know! I have written this post for ordinary peoples like you and me; everyone can easily understand the matter written in this post if you have still any problem regarding this! Feel free to contact me. Share it and leave your thoughts in the comments.

♥ Muhammad Usman Blogger By Heart  ️♥

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  1. I don’t like that only the paid version has a direct publishing option for WordPress. At this point, I’m losing far too much time copying and pasting. I’m actively trying to make our creative process more efficient so I can get our articles ranking as quickly and efficiently as possible. My team and I are testing the free version of Hemingway vs. INK, the free version of INK has a WordPress plug-in so you can publish directly. Has also helped improve my writing and gives suggestions on how to rank better.
    you can download the app and WordPress plugin here: http://bit.ly/2ZIT8ht

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